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463405-24712-52We Dance…

Each of us owns a rhythm
A life-gait which strolls our path of destiny
Prone to repeated dead-end journeys
We struggle more against ourselves than anyone else

Love leads us down strange corridors
Some find this elusive genie early
For the rest of us, we either get up after each fall
or we plant ourselves for life

Time will never ask what’s become of us
Time has been labeled cruel and unkind
Yet, time truly owns no heart nor soul
Time merely serves as a measuring stick to our lives and endeavors


Should I attempt to number the moments
Each and every heart-warming second we share
Boundless joy would pale as description
of what you mean to me

Love indeed feeds life and growth
Hope arrives each day, full and fresh and clean
All stands right in this disturbed and chaotic world
When you rest gentle in my heart.

Each of us owns a rhythm in life
SomeĀ stumble and crawl and stagger and fall
Others run and hide and burn out their ride
I’m so glad we dance…