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M & M KissSharing the Dream

Lennon’s #9 Dream in my ears
Amazement at the perfection of song and lyric
Marriage of music and ethereal storyline
Surreal creation four minutes and fifty-one seconds long

Your eyes peering into my soul
Amazement at the perfection of aura, voice, and looks
Marriage of soul, heart, and flesh
Surreal creation three years two months twenty-six days in my life

Your kiss on my lips this evening heaven in its millionth iteration
Your lovely face in my hands, precious and kind
Your gentle fingers scaling my body in their emanant embrace
Overwhelms and fulfills my heart’s destiny of adoration

You personify the dream
The music
The storyline
The marriage
The creation
The embrace
The fulfillment
The passion
Which completes so many puzzles
So many questions
So many failures repaired

What a wonderful life sharing this world with you…