michele-with-hat-5When I Think of You…

Puffy clouds paint a summer sky in winsome whimsy
Warmth and tenderness pervade all thought
Sunshine ripples through the laughter in my heart
Cool romantic breezes seek to run loving fingers through your hair

Vibrant autumn hues tickle the eyes in bountiful beauty
Hands hold love’s conduit from heart to heart
Embers glow, patient, ready to spark at the thought of a kiss
Conversations melt into sweetness like mini marshmallows into hot chocolate

Pristine winter snowscapes reflect the timeless beauty of our love
Promise of renewal, perpetual rebirth, infinite resparking
The aura of your smile infects my world with its vibrancy
Soul amazement for your regal stature humbly borne

Scents of spring nudge smiles from their burrows
Happiness grows lush and plentiful from a mere word or glance
Visions of hope and peace sprout ever stalwart in your kiss
Promise of healing sleep cuddled in the tangle of our limbs

Life in a kiss, a whisper, a gaggle of giggles, a look into the universe behind your eyes, a smile of contentment, a roaring incineration of passion, a refuge in a storm, a comfort of troubles large and small, a moment, an hour, a day, a month, a year, a decade, a lifetime.

Destiny delivered us into each others arms, hearts, souls.
When I think of you, all life wrapped in eternal goodness lies before my insatiable love…