Clock HandsSome Thoughts on Friday the 13th…

Love stands as a most interesting topic. The word “love” presents itself as one of the most ill-defined words in the English language. Likely any language. Love is one of those concepts which merely gets “talked around” and the periphery gets probed, the core truth remains a mystery.

Love lends we writers a plethora of writing topics. We may describe to the best of our creative talents, what love looks like to us. In the end, the reader will place his or her personal spin on the words anyway, for no two of us are exactly alike. We’re like snowflakes!

Here’s one thing I know. I own a huge capacity to love. I have the personality to express this capacity. This allows me to love another without many filters. My writing benefits from this aspect of my personality, and I enjoy exploring the indefinable. Yesterday’s “nonet” poem was quite enjoyable. I have not written one of those in a long time. A nonet starts off with nine syllables in the first line, and descends by one each line until the last line which possesses but one syllable. Try it sometime!

For My Love, Michele Marie:

In nights of silver moonlight
Your smile lights up my life
Days of golden simple dreams
Fill my soul with thoughts of you

The breezes in our lives we touch
Seem forgotten with each new day
Yet I’m reminded when the fair wind the blew
When my eyes were first rewarded by you.

My thoughts often settle on you
Throughout my work and play
The smiles which come so easy
I will cherish to the end of days

Thank you for your loving kindness
Support and encouragement too
Thank you for every wonderful memory
I will look forward to everything new

I adore you…