Poetry descends on me, not at my bidding, nor sadly at my desire, but when it pleases and when I’m patient and open to hear. Patience truly encompasses only an aspect of taking emotion and interpreting it through clumsy words. Love is often better expressed through touch and tone than mere words. This is why the poet often struggles and why music can come closer to the truth of expression.

Ah, but poetry is a challenge of one’s creativity. To find the combination of words imbued with images which may trigger actual feelings in a reader revs up the writer’s muse. The endeavor works when you can give yourself over to the words and images, it struggles when you attempt to manage them, and it fails when you purpose to plan the words and images. Best to allow their bidding to hold sway and take what comes than to accept forced construction from the rational mind. Poetry takes connection to chaos and emotion. When you relax yourself into those aspects of the process, good things happen – for you if not anyone else…

Some simple poetry models…

A variation of a cinquain:

Her smile.
Brightens my day.

A more traditional cinquain:

12759545911R7830Our Love
Falls like soft snow
Glistens as morning dew
Glows warm as heated embers do