IMG_0006She Dazzles My World

Light of day falls to night
What stood wrong now begs right
Eradication of life’s wild blight
Reveal healing in her singular kiss

Stumbles and tumbles and crazy days
Would disturb life in various ways
Crumble and jumble clarity’s haze
But for the kind and gentle touch of her hand

Silken clouds in azure skies
Strolling hopeful, carefree, wise
Follow the gaze of her sparkled eyes
And know a world at peace

No trouble given, taken, received
No truths forsaken nor heart deceived
No sense of need to be relieved
For her heart is gentle, loving, free

I hold her hand in an evening breeze
We walk the lane amongst the trees
From our last kiss each moment I squeeze
For the joy of her in my life surpasses all…