0022Love’s Muse

The muse resides in the house of love
A vessel of profound emotion
Stalwart, intense, gentle, generous, kind
The writer’s fingers know the pathways there

The muse inspires words and phrases
Borrows from life that which she needs
Transforms concepts into artistic endeavor
When she’s there to call on, no more could be asked

This muse will last a lifetime
Ever present with them. In their hearts.
Like many and most attracted lovers
The dream of longevity whispers her call

Keep your love alive, she offers
Exercise your heart, your soul
Allow her the knowledge of your deepest emotion
Lend her opportunity to join you

Love becomes something more than physical
Love becomes something more than time
Love becomes something which whispers eternal
Though our brief flirtation with life winks out so quickly

I hold dear my love, and cherish her daily
I adore her aura and her bewitching ways
For to walk timid is to diminish the hope, the joy
Ah, but to love fully declares love’s highest reward

Happiness shared is a wonderful thing…