AYAM Crop 1Sometimes Young

You’re sometimes young
Music brushes past your ears like a free-flowing highway
Destination heart, soul, emotions
Access to the stories of your life as if some mystical key unlocks you
Releasing all the pains, anguish, exhilarations, passions,
Those higher planes of ourselves that the everyday life does not allow.

You’re sometimes young
Wistful thoughts travel with the audial delights
Distant past made palpable again to delight or dismay
Your ability to craft the emotions from sound becomes creativity induced
Wonder and amazement overrun by the flood of feelings
And the need to bring the best of you, left behind, into the here and now.

You’re sometimes young
In music, in love, in harmony, in melancholy
You find yourself open to the dusty halls within
As you stir up the flakes of all you held dear
Reality a questionable thing when you glimpse who you were
Who you are, and define who you will be

You’re sometimes young
Hand in hand with love, music, peace, tranquility
At one with your past, present, future
She smiles while you kiss her like she knows joy intimately
Your life takes on meaning, you invigorate your mind
Youth becomes real once again and you realize it never truly left at all…