MMC2 12-31-2015If I Had to do it All Over Again

I’d fall down the front porch steps and land on my head
I’d get lost at six in the Colorado mountains again
I’d listen to the dreadful quarrels and drunken yelling
I’d cry on Christmas Eve again at twelve
I’d lose my heart at the seventh-grade sock hop
I’d suffer the pain of my best friend stealing my girl
I’d endure the grief of my Granny’s dying
I’d surrender myself to my lonely fate
I’d withstand my father’s evil contempt
I’d go through the disintegration of a four-year proposal
I’d face my first brush with death once again
I’d resign myself to the loss of a good woman who I thought was the answer
I’d survive two decades of hell and abuse
I’d cope with a second, more direct brush with death
I’d brook the struggles of everyday life
None, not one, of these terrors would sway me
Not one, none, of the curses would deter
For if I knew you would be there waiting
If I knew our lives would connect
I would subject myself to all that indeed harmed me
If I had to do it all over again…

…for you