img_0452Way Too Easy to Forget

Isn’t that true of so much of life?
We forget so many great things.
Like what it really felt like on those magic mornings at seven years old
Dew sparkling the ground like liquid diamonds
Like the autumn breezes which tickles the body’s warmth,
Crisp leaves crunching, colors abounding, and the thrill of burnt orange crayons

We forget the taste of Granny’s blackberry cobbler.
Yes, the flavor resided someplace beyond heaven,
Like the wind in your hair as you serpentine-glided your bike down a hill.
Like the smile you felt growing inside your belly, dancing up your esophagus
A laugh exploding from your mouth because your best friend ripped one.

We forget the joys of striking out on our own
Like leaving town with all possessions crammed into a compact car
Destination the horizon of the future when the tingle of fear felt good.
Like the first living room furniture looking so grown up
And the bookshelves, ah, those wonderful, wonderful bookshelves.

Yes, I remember these things, yet I fail the memories badly
For the feelings, the tastes, the smells, the emotional intensities
Imprinted only their record, not the immaculate reliving of the moments.
For all the beauty and wonder of life passed by,
Hollow melancholy taints them all like a creeping mold

Then there’s you.
Every single time our hands enfold each other, memories of that walk on the beach,
Vivid in all its emotional glory, fill my heart with amazing newness from an old event.
Every single smiling kiss fills my soul with wonder and joy no less powerful as the first,
That one in the doorway which I managed to feel on my lips all the way home and into incredible sleep

Life stands rife with memories in two dimensions
Vivid solely in the knowledge they once held power
But you and I, we rekindle and cherish each other
Just as the dreams always portrayed

Way too easy to remember,
To relive,
To embrace,
To feel,

That’s the way to love – keep it way too easy to remember