mike-black-and-white-300Love expressions vary from person to person, personality to personality. We all possess them and there can be many similarities amongst us. Ultimately, however, the feelings generated within us vary dramatically. The levels of emotion fluctuate dramatically from one person to the next for the “similar” expressions of love.

We each own a uniqueness. This day and age, governments and corporations and religions strive to homogenize us into one easily labeled entity. This only works if we buy into their crap. When each of us are able to see ourselves as unique and special, we develop a sense of security and confidence within ourselves.

This does not mean we stand radically different from others, just that we each are viable individuals in our own right.

I enjoy celebrating love, especially the love I feel for others. For no one else may exactly express how I feel any more than I may exactly express how they feel. The important aspect to all this is that we each are able to feel and express ourselves.

This is the 31st day of Michele’s birthday celebration. I’ve enjoyed this tremendously. The exploration of my heart always reveals surprises and never comes up hollow with respect to emotion. For everyone out there who loves someone (that means you), know that your love is real, tangible, viable and important, if for no one else on earth but you. Take heart in the fact that you feel love, and work to nurture and grow it. When you love someone you truly invest in yourself if you but take the time to look.

And yes, love falls even sweeter when it’s requited. The fact you own the capacity to love, feel love, and express love, in and of itself, benefits you.

Clock HandsThe Last Day

We think there will always be a last day:
Last day of summer
Last day of football
Last day of college
Last day of living with parents
Last day of camp
Last day of work
Last day of vacation
Last day of life

Yet, there will always be a last day.
Even when we’re gone
Even when the earth dies and gasps its final breath
Even when stars wink out of their existence
Some solar day, somewhere, somehow, will witness its last day

Then what?
There’s no concept of zero here.
The Romans had it right.
There is no zero, no nonexistence
For, whatever happens, everything still exists
Stars, moons, galaxies, planets, inarguable eternity in the cosmos.

So for me and you, there exists no last day
No final moment where our existence gets wiped from the slate of history
No inglorious ending falling into the abyss and obscurity of time
For should all manner of substance and light and dark flee the heavens
Our love will carry eternity

Love stands as the most powerful existential part of life
Neither adequately measured nor controlled
For no manner of legislation, war or devastation
May bring about its total destruction.

My love for you will enjoy eternity
Filled with hope and togetherness
Fully a celebration where the concept of a last day
Owns no meaning, no thought, no finality.

To know love is to know immortality
This is my understanding
In my life, our love feels…
Meant to be

My heart will carry us forever to a place where time, including the concept of days, becomes irrelevant.

I adore you, Petite Choo Choo!