0255My Valentine

Affection lingers long past midnight on empty streets bathed in silken moonlight
Leaves tumbling like water in a brook past my feet strolling from your door.
I wonder what’s your thoughts, where’s your mind, how’s your heart
And mine beats, double-time.

Adoration tickles the tingles racing along each loving nerve
Night’s noises play the tune, the one that leaves me all aswoon
Perfect creature in your room, there’s but one thought on my mind
And I wonder when I’ll meet your soft lips again.

My Valentine, I love your sweetness, your loving kindness lurks my soul
Morning looms like a sultry beacon to the song swirling in my heart
I wander quiet in the moonbeams, what magic hijinx enwraps me so
And my joy’s a bolt of lightning

My Valentine, you sing my story, your aura pervades all I know
When next the evening comes to greet me, I look forward to all we are
I wonder how my stars aligned so nicely,
And you own my heart’s desire.