I want to be your hero
The one who travels your heart
The thought you have in random moments
The smile which tickles your face and mind

I want to be your hero
The strength you need when you’re feeling down
The arms you desire when your soul needs held
The kindness you seek when the world is cold

I want to be your hero
The gentle hand to caress your nights
The loving kiss which lingers on your lips
The embrace which causes the cares of this world to fade away

I want to be your hero
Because you most definitely are mine
You stroll my heart in every moment
You run my thoughts in wanton abandon
You tug smiles to my face throughout my day
You lift me even in my darkest despair
You hold me tight and my world is healed
You warm me in the coldest of times
Your hand caresses my face and I melt
You kiss me and my lips beg for more
You hug me and all is well…

You are MY hero, my love, my life
My inspiration, motivation, my conduit for goodness
And I strive to be your adoring hero
For my life is complete in the love from your eyes…