P1020006The Life That Wasn’t

Trees of green, red roses too
For years and years, the voice, the heart, the song
Letters I’ve written never meaning to send
For years and years, the melody, the wailing heart, the song

Babies’ first cries ricochet past recollection
But tiny lads and lasses grow
Too fast
Too smart
Too different
Yet their lives become mortar to legacy and love

Connections lost throughout our lives
Lost through busy schedules
Lost through domineering spouses
Lost through internal fears
Lost through selfish interests
Lost through time’s limited agreement with our bodies and their activities
Yet somehow, in some fashion, that connection survives

The life-that-was defined itself in perpetual series’ of accidents, failures, and conflicts
Nothing worked perfectly
Much worked minimally
Some worked well
A little worked amazingly
And something filtered through all on its own

Strength of character

The life-that-wasn’t was perfect
Ooga booga children with frolicking happy days and nights
Baseball and basketball and orchestra and chorus and ballet and music and art
All choreographed under the conductor’s wand to immaculate serenity

The life-that-wasn’t filled the dream of the heart
The longing of the soul
The best wishes of personality
The knowledge of good

The life-that-wasn’t felt the sting of emotional, spiritual, and psychological abuse
Only to lay the groundwork with nutrients to survive
To grow stronger
And to prepare grown Ooga Boogas for their trials

The life-that-wasn’t should have been
The life-that-wasn’t harkened fairytale wonder
The life-that-wasn’t struggled against black negativity
The life-that-wasn’t could never hope to survive on its own

Ah, but that life-that-was grew them strong
Grew them smart
Grew them self-reliant
Grew them with a goodness, something for which every parent dreams

There exist infinite live’s that weren’t
The life-that-wasn’t never overcomes the darkness
The life-that-wasn’t never makes the dawn
But the spirit of the life-that-wasn’t survived on the wings of love

And legacy

You read this
You must realize
You stand as someone’s legacy
No matter what you built
No matter what you destroyed
You define someone’s legacy
You enhance or degrade your own

Never too late while you breathe to strive for love and legacy
For the life-that-wasn’t

But should have been…