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The Locker

Folded neat in that special place
the place where you dream
the place where you quietly, gently unpack your love
the place where you wistfully view moments, past and future
Lie the heart and soul of your desires
the desire for hope
the desire for love
the desire for romance where lips meet in passion, caresses last a lifetime
Too much covered by dust and neglect, begging questions
why am I unworthy?
what have I done to deserve brokenness?
am I that unlovable?
Yet emotional hands demand the locker remain open to reveal your life
the desire for special moments
the need for intimate connections
the pain of not knowing why dreams elude you
When smiles arrive, too many lie distant from the present
the passion from eyes so sparkled
the nights and days of romantic embrace
the timeless sensuality of togetherness enjoyed
So you unfold hope
the one tattered and torn by doubt and neglect
the one that gives life, though little supports its canvas
the one which moves you forward despite all evidence
And you wonder at your inner strength
that capacity for deep and caring love
that dogged belief your dreams stand viable, achievable, despite scant proof
that ability to right yourself under the impending disaster of inevitability
You cry a little
for love that could be so perfect
for peace that could quell all demons
for intimacy that could fuel your life for eternity
And you see revelations
your worth stands undervalued
your love lies underused
your stalwart dedication falls underappreciated

You rededicate yourself
to strength and support
to love and its power to affect change
to living each day in the confidence of your direction
So you pack it all back in with gentle fingers
for each day your needs find fulfillment
for each day your love wins
for each day intimacy finds its bloom
And you always place the tattered hope in last
which covers all your fears and doubts
which touches all your dreams and desires
which lends strength to overcome weariness and disillusionment
To revitalize, despite the sense of emptiness in your locker
because you believe in yourself
because you know love will win
because without that threadbare parcel of hope, you would join the apathetic, downtrodden, hardened souls of this world, who never to find their heart’s desire, never to know that amazing caress, kiss, quiet expression of love from another

And you close the lid with a soft sigh 
knowing you must love yourself
knowing you chase a phantom
looking forward to the big reveal that your locker indeed held the treasure of a lifetime

To begin your day with love…