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My Abuser

I fought my demons every day
Negative self-image she’d always say
In words and deeds, emotionally splayed
But now I stand and face my abuser

My strengths they grow by leaps and bounds
Each time I put antagonism down
I walk away from the evil sound
I distance myself from my abuser

The taunts and trials of warped mentality
The hateful skew of her reality
The attempts at my emotional fatality
All fade as I escape my abuser

For until I saw her ugly head
I’d left my soul for gone and dead
I’d live each day in mortal dread
Of my abuser

Clarity forms and happiness grows
My love may flourish in cultivated rows
Within my heart which truly knows
I need fear not my abuser

She’s nothing now but a sad sick being
Who in her sickness, she’s short of seeing,
How many lovely lives she’s bleeding
By simply existing as an abuser

My path begins where now I choose
I know aspiration will never lose
As long as I embrace my truths
And release the pains from my abuser

As the sun comes up I love the day
As nighttime falls I dance and sway
Joy abounds in my life in each new way
Now that I know the sickness of my abuser

I acknowledge no more her stranglehold
I’ll live my life and truth be told
I stand this day, say proudly bold
She exists no longer as my abuser

Days become soft and gentle again
I see myself a stronger man
I claim my place in love’s strong hand
The fetters dissolve…and I smile…again