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During the course of our lives, we often place our future in someone else’s hands. Too often we do this from a position of fear. We cannot face the spectacle and specter of death in all its various forms and machinations. We operate from fear and react from fear and live in fear without recognition of fear.

Countless hordes of living beings have trod these paths before and with us. A gagglezillion souls and counting. There’s enormous pressure for those who continue forging their path despite others who share time and breath in this existence. They fight you because they see better, know better, observe better. This is bullshit. You need fortitude.

Their reality, their rules. Your reality requires a trust to keep moving together. Your own personal trust in yourself should be paramount. When all is said and done, you and you alone, own the life path you walk. No other human experiences your life, your love, your passion, your pain, exactly as you.

This becomes problematic in a relationship. Either they trust you and you trust them or all is lost. For what defines a relationship anyway but the ability for two to walk together despite opposing views of the path?

The moments, the vignettes, the joys, the peace, the love, the happiness, the visions in your heart desire companionship. But…when building your legacy of life…its built today, this hour, this minute, this nanosecond, this thought, this feeling, this fear, this decision.

Delay only costs you building material. You may forge wealth, financial security and all the trappings of our modern shallow lives, but when all comes to fruition, will you have traded your life for things or will you purchase larger and higher goals of the intangibles – love, hope, joy, companionship, peace.

The price will always be your time. Your return on investment will always reflect where you place your day, hour, minute, nanosecond, thought, feeling, fear, decision. This is where the best of advice one may ever receive becomes…

Tomorrow Will Have to Wait…

This day comes courtesy of breath

A reason to breathe
From ashes of destruction
From failing heart
From flagging hope

A summoning of strength
From the shell
From the depth
From the Unknown

A marshaling of willpower
From tattered energy
From piecemeal shards of hope
From self-recognition

An ability to love without reservation
From pain
From betrayal
From all that is good within

A passion for life and legacy
From false accusation
From self-reflection
From abundant emotion

A determination to forge a path
From the inner wilderness
From the flaw of expectations
From experience

A stubbornness to hold and adjust course
From mistakes and misrepresentations
From belief in oneself
From abhorrence of apathy

A reconnection of the vital heart
From a wellspring of love
From the inner tainted knight
From all that is good and right within

Rebuild, not from scratch
But from belief in oneself
From knowledge
From kindness in the face of destructive hearts

Build today this dream
A dream of a life path well forged
Despite setbacks
Crushing pain

Build this day the castle of your life
Build it with minutes and seconds and nanoseconds
Not from touchable, material trappings
Build with your moments
Each vignette played out
Each interaction
Each smile
Each touch
Each kiss
Each decision

Build this very instant
This now
This cognitive thought…

Tomorrow will have to wait…