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Non Sequitur

Random thoughts on a random day about random things said in a random way…

If I don’t respect you, there’s good reason why…
Cold, cruel witches sleep on ice
Perpetual smiles beautify gorgeous souls
Those eyes eliminated my train of thought like a dropped call
Restraint beyond all reckoning from a desired kiss feels…good/exhilarating/hopeful

Lies spoken to others denigrates purported integrity
Your mere presence brings joy
Never operate from weakness when you own power
Those who betray find their reward bitter…I hope
Is that bad? It’s my truth…

Life becomes amazing when we allow it to get past our eyes
Love’s beauty knows its power when it speaks instead of us…
Incite and truth get confused for regurgitated thoughts
Finding your truth does not lie in someone else’s mind
Embracing your truth becomes the most difficult endeavor of life

Musings own more power than thoughts
Her superficial integrity belies the witch within
I do not owe respect to those who do not own respectable actions
That said, everyone owns some quality of respect in some area of life

Respect: esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability:I have great respect for her judgment.

Despite arguments to the contrary, respect in life gets earned, at least in my truth.
How that respect is earned determines what kind of respect gets delivered
One who earns respect from foul and despicable effort receives respect congruent to the level of nefarious impact perpetrated on others, especially me and my loved ones
I suppose most people who demand respect speak of positive respect.
Withheld respect for ones’ negative actions is not disrespect – this is called healthy discernment…

We officially live in the age of Technological Tyranny
Don’t believe that?
You will…
Love still opens windows and tickles flowers and fluffs the clouds
Love still warms the soul and creates desire and softens reality…

Will stress and negativity ever become a focus for healing our world?
Or will we perpetually chase down the symptoms born of their breeding?
For from both blossom all manner of ilk and ill health, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…
Why must I suffer your verbal assaults/views/sensibilities/demands/etc?
(sshhh! Little secret…I mustn’t…)

A smile pales the warm sun on the most gorgeous breeze-filled spring day
Mannerisms which display loveliness beyond all reasoning in their honest sincerity
Playful voices which ring delight through a soul so wanting of such joy
A mind that reflects the brilliance of a lifetime of experience
Beauty far preceding the physical realm

Musings vs thoughts.
Search for inner truth or peace or understanding or a myriad of other positives
Or a montage of 40,000 thoughts per minute and attempting to find reason.
Your truth does not lie in books or minds or ideologies or even religions
Your truth lies within yourself.
Until you pursue your innermost truth, you’ll only find someone else’s…

Musings on a gray day or sun-dappled morning reveal pieces of yourself
Splintered by life and the sacrifice of who you are to others
Yet wholly alive somewhere, somehow, in the recesses of your heart
Discover yourself.
Discover life…