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A New Day Dawns

Intended pain
Purposeful lies
Denigration of character
Foul thoughts given voice

When those days lie done in smoldering ashes
What purchase did words acquire?
Possibly an ear of sympathy for a moment in time?
Perhaps a personal sense of vindication?

Yet the day dawns which sheds light on lies
Blackened burnt offerings set no one at ease
A sprout of green and growing life
Stands in stark contrast to a scorched earth landscape

What hope lay in the calculated events?
What good could came from the show?
Much more than intended
For life and love grow ever beautiful

Air breathes cleaner, Eyes see clearer
Heart feels truer, Soul rests happier
Cruelty intended gains karma’s sentient touch
A new day, a new dawn, a new life

Embers billow to life
Overcoming small minded atrocities and fills sails to the day
Each moment away becomes heaven on earth
Transition to life a wondrous delight

Sun dapples the earth with more pleasant rays
Rain feeds the soul in more pleasant ways
Breezes lend sighs to more pleasant days
Thoughts unfold brighter for life’s more pleasant gaze

Recovery fills the air with astounding joy
Resplendent with a fresher truth
Ah, the love tossed fell from forever and true
But the love gained stands tall

A new day dawns
A new life beckons
New truths discovered
At peace once again…