Ayesha’s Song

I sense you there, in the dark

Petite, lithe, stormy eyes, lovely.

I hear your tears

Sail soft on your cheeks.

Sadness travels an ocean south

Riding waves like valiant messengers

Ears beckon to hear the words

Soul craves the gentle touch.

Dreams nestle your chin on my chest

Scent – exhilarating, touch – divine

Dance, oh the dance,

Silence, made thunder

Fingers thrill in the stroke of your hair

Damp shoulder, monument to trust

Completion, companion, compatriot, friend

I lend you my hand in the words I send

Allow hope to stir in your beautiful heart

Allow peace a chance, a brace, a start

Please, please receive kindness and know

Love sprouts in odd places and aspires to grow.

She once wrote me these words, addressed to this then untitled poem, “Forgive me Michael… Just write your beautiful poems… please promise me, you’ll never stop. Every word speaks to my heart. Just write…. it’s the highest form of loving.”

Writing. It’s power should never be discounted. It’s worth should never be questioned.

I am grateful for Ayesha’s support, wisdom, and strong influence on my life which in turn enhances my writing.