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Oh my! When the muse calls, sometimes we listen. When the muse stomps her silent feet, her thunder demands attention. Three o’clock in the morning presents itself as a sacred time for me – I love my sleep. Yet the shrine of this time rests more directly in the creative realm. Good things come from allowing myself the transgression of writing to mar my unconsciousness.

When she, the muse of course, awakes your soul and requires your attention, the experience is best addressed by passive power. You do not direct the words which pour through your consciousness, you allow them to flow and set their own patterns. Be sensitive for their desire for life and form of constitution, not your own will.

These concepts woke me this day…

Tranquility’s Song

To dance in your eyes
It’s not that they see
It’s more where they go…

To melt with your heart
It’s not that it feels
It’s more how it thrums the key of life

To connect our souls
It’s not that we’re the same
It’s more when they touch truth together

To fall into passion
It’s not as much physical
It’s more why we hold trust so dear

To share finite time together
It’s not that we fill time holes
It’s more who we aspire to become

To dance in your eyes, melt with your heart, connect our souls, surrender to passion, share ethereal time, reveals the beauty and serenity life offers if only we relax into that which we hold dear from our eternal depths which may only be accessed through mysterious knowledge.

Take my hand and explore forever from our temporal perspective on a tranquil ridge on the cusp of the eternal universe…