There’s Far More Before Than After

He’d never known of poverty until he lived without love
He’d never known a day of work until he lost his appetite for life
He’d never known the loss of love until he found his freedom
He’d never seen a sunrise until there weren’t so many left
He’d never shed true tears of pain until she left so cruelly
He’d never found the warmth of love until he found himself lonely
He’d never met this world’s true beauty until he lost his will to seek it
He’d never learned what pain was for until he patched his broken heart
He never knew the joy of work until his back informed him
He never knew how love could work until he heard its death sigh
He never cared to be alone until he observed many people
There’s so much wisdom outside his brain than ever could it enter
A woman’s touch knew no disgrace until he found her lying
The purchase of his feet on earth meant less than his heart for others
The beauty of a woman’s smile falls silent in her ego
The sadness in his heart at night glares sullen from an empty pillow
He never filled his heart with abundant joy until his hands failed its bleeding
The search for meaning dies in diligent effort while regaled by simple feeling
Love knows no truth in life until its death tests boundaries
I know I know so much less each day the more I learn life’s complexities
I know I know more truth of life when I allow my mind to simplify
Her heart strolls a midnight air his breath may only beg for
While he strolls his own midnight scene in hope one day he’ll see her
A smile may only live sincere when blossomed in love’s own cemetery
He cherished so many aspects of life more so in their limited longevity
Those who hold this life’s material fast miss the point of their impending death
Hard labor never killed a spirit until one loses hope’s silent presence
Sleep deferred for creativity’s sake delivers the sated rest of peace within
His wisdom lie before him spread – an empty paper and a loaded pen
May you know the pain of love – examined and survived
May you see your hopeless life – rekindled and revived
For when you give up on all you’ve ever dreamed – you’re nearly almost there
May we discover its not our place to know it all – but more to find life’s where.