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When I Write

When I write, a million years go by
Phrases captured in the wink of an eye
Words which sometimes make me cry
All to find my love

For fame nor fortune ever calls
To drive me forward past these walls
Only searching for the balls
To write my simple truths

When writing gives me doubts and fits
When solace only comes in bits
Of passions broken, I always know that its
All about my love

My love for life and all its stings
My love for the emotion passion brings
My love for truth, concepts and higher things
To fill my struggling soul

When I write, a million years go by
Like our lives ending in the blink of an eye
One day may it be I never die
Without the love of words

For without them there would be no songs
No apologies to right our wrongs
I always know where I belong
Behind my keyboard’s screen

I pray my passion’s never stolen from me
There’s no one who I’d rather be
Than the man who creates alchemy
With words flowing from my heart

When I write, a million years go by
No lack of laughter or tears I cry
Passions ever soaring past our sky
It’s all about my love

…………………… of writing


Quick author’s note:

Yesterday on a lark I entered the 24 Hour Short Story Contest. As the title suggests, you get 24 hours to construct a short story based upon a prompt that gets sent out at noon Central Time. You must use all or part of the prompt to build your story. One hour before the contest began, I was fortunate to be able to enter. Often the contest sells out due to a limit of 500 entries.

My purpose for entering was to see if I still had it. The mojo. The short story, creative drive. The word count this quarter (the contest runs every 3 months) was merely 875 words. I headed to Panera Bread, connected to the wifi, ordered my food, and wrote.

There’s something amazing in the creation of a short story. It’s the instant gratification of writing. The quick payoff which helps spark the fire. I know I can write a gadzillion more off ANY prompt. That’s a feeling and a confidence for which I am grateful.

I write this for two reasons. One is that I need to maintain my belief in my writing abilities, my confidence in the same, and trust that no matter what anyone else thinks or says, I have composed a “truth” of sorts.

The second reason is this: I meet people every day who own a dream. They possess, deep inside, something they desire to accomplish. We may talk about fear and courage and work ethic and a truckload of other symptomatic reasons for squelching these dreams. Belief. Confidence. Trust. IN YOURSELF! In my experience, this is where you begin.

Believe in your dream, the one where your passion fires you up. Nurture your confidence not in you pleasing others with your dream and passion, but that you please yourself. Trust in your inner compass which drives you to create. To strive.

Our world, inside ourselves and without, is a smoldering ball of negativity and dismay. Apathy rules nearly every aspect of the “Communications Age.” When you examine the fear mongering our corporations, governments, medical/pharmaceutical industries, and even families hoist upon us, blatant and subtle, it’s no wonder so many people lose sight of their dreams.

Your answers always lie within, not without. Believe. Confidence. Trust. Yourself…

Whether my story “wins” the cash prize or not, I garnered the biggest “win” of all. I wrote a story that I like. It flowed from me with an ease which, even after all these years of writing, surprised me. The writing healed me. Emboldened me. Fired up my enthusiasm. My belief. My confidence. My trust.

May each of you who read this find the same joy when you pursue your dream.