When Love is Stolen Away

A kiss
A cuddle
A stroll through the night

All become broken dreams
All feel lost it seems
All arrive as shattered illusions
When love is stolen away

A smile
A feather touch
A romantic interlude

All feel distant as the stars
All impersonal as passing cars
All bring their solemn melancholy
When love is stolen away

A day
An hour
A moment’s passion
When a mere kiss could likely happen
Resisted like a plague’s nefarious promise
Desire whimpers under the duress brought on
When love is stolen away

A life
A breath
An inner smile

All phoenix-prepared from rising ashes
All part and parcel of love’s inner clashes
All collected for baby-step rebirth
When love is stolen away

A thought
A commitment
A devotion to self
All gather from their dusty shelf
All coalesce to form a new perspective
All construct a new directive
All protect from the very start
The stirrings in a broken heart
When love is stolen away

The hand
The fingers
The gentle touch
May never be stolen all that much
As love and soul and inner essence
Still recognize their effervescence
Emotional health alive and well
Thief relegated to their personal hell
The experience necessary and just as well
When love was stolen away

To this day a smile returned
An inner landscape once so burned
A heart once cruelly, cruelly spurned
Emotions roiled, violently churned
Yes that smile is now truly earned
Because love will never be stolen away