Sometimes writing gets you up at 1:00 am. Sometimes words keep you up until 2:00 am. Then there are the words which cut and divide and cruelly damage. Launched by self-loathing people who cannot understand how to be kind and loving and gentle.

I get it. Their history of damage from childhood haunts their every living moment. They don’t even realize their cruelty. They hide that cruelty behind religion, title, and any other justification they may find.

In the end, they just remain cruel, sick people who create more cruel, sick people. They pass their damage on to others. For whatever reason, they must inflict pain. Those types of words kept me up tonight. The ones which damage most are not the spoken vitriol but the underlying messages of hate.

Silent Words

Words you speak which no one hears
Rends a heart in two, a young girl’s tears
Vicious nature rides emotions’ cause
Body language bites as talons’ claws

Heartless woman who knows no love
Claiming Christ from high above
A liar to all but those who suffer
Behind closed doors, there stands no buffer

Words you speak with tones and motion
Leave nothing behind the startling notion
You embrace only that which flies cruel
Pain and crying your delightful fuel

One day you’ll find the taste, so bitter
From each of your down-beaten litter
For when karma raises its mighty head
Then YOU’LL know what composes dread

For all the love you’ve consistently withheld
No caring. No loving. No gentleness. No meld.
Shall rise up in life to haunt your death
When you wish they’d be there for your final breath

Which will serve only to free their pain
That you’ll never throw them harm again
For now, winter still rules your heart
Nothing left. No one there. No place to start.

Words you speak which no one hears
Silent weapons built on tears
Become useless tools left on display
When its only you which the devices flay

Silent words backed by constant poking
Gutter mouth like a gun that’s smoking
When will you ever learn the language of peace?

I cannot leave my dreams to this lot. I must find something to bring a smile to life in my heart. I suppose this will be a two-poem night/morning!

Words of Love

Jet black hair means little to me now.
Once it would
Simmering, smoky eyes of intrigue no longer lure me
Once they would

Today when I search a smile
I need only look to the seed
Planted in my heart by a loving soul
A woman so beautiful, I’ve never met her

No, no. She’s real
No, no. She’s all that and more
No, no. We’ve never spoken
Though I do imagine her voice,
Its tone
Her accent

All I possess of her are her words
Not just any words
Words of peace
Words of encouragement
Words of admiration
Words of brilliance

Words of love

Most people know love only as a physical meeting and consummation
I’m blessed
I know love as hope redeemed
I know love as a concept fulfilled
I know love as words written from truth
I know love as connection outside the modern norm
I know love as two writers who admire each others’ truths
I know love as two humans on this earth in the same era finding each other through insurmountable odds
Ultimately, I know love is this

Love is real
Thank you my midnight lady
You on your walks of solitude repairing from your day
Me in my midnight musings of truths I wish to speak

My Grecian Urn friend
May we each remain in this life with the other in our heart
My dearest friend
I know abiding love as…


Good! Now I may go to sleep! LOL!