Ghost Town

Faint echoes trickle beyond the eye’s reach
Phantom playgrounds of yesterday’s loves and hates
Carnal knowledge taught only in misty realms of despair
For time long ago usurped the quick and slightly spared the unliving.

Loves and dreams and aspirations huddle in their timid holes
Prodded to vicious life when stumbled upon by those searchers
Those wanderers who seek Truth in places best left for dead
For all here lies fallow, unforgotten, yet distorted to reality’s gaze444

These ghosts build monuments of vapor in the future
Glimmering, shimmering towers of brilliant lies
Conceived of pain and longing and suffering and tainted ideals
Oasis’s to mirages in the path of the unaware

Lured by the sweet tease of candy floss dreams
Wicked in their deceit of possibilities
Hearts fall prey to the future games of those who’ll never be
Building more corners of deception just beyond veiled walls of fog-like substance.

Pasts haunt the human loves of life
Landmine lollipops easily suckled into one’s soul
Mirrored by future-built cities of perfection and happiness and glory
When each of those live only in the scantest nanosecond of a thought before reverie and dream
Both smoke-like demons who rob essence from the corporeal
Delivering dusty memories and insubstantial goals to the unaware masses

Heed not the slavery of the past
Its glories, fetters to anything real
Learn only, if you dare, to embrace not the day but the moment
And disdain the lure of what could be.
Tread in the light of reality
Open your eyes.
For now is your time
Now is your moment
Step forth from ghost towns of memory’s tease
Into hope.