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Midnight Heart

Lying in bed
Fingers trace imaginary strands of hair which
Ethereal wisps of love
Swirl through the smooth jazz gleefully dancing through ears
Perfecting the illusion of connection
Borrowing time for passion to simmer away minutes
Leading through the paths of hours creating
Thoughts, emotions, joy in the fleeting moments of non-aloneness to
Pass along hope to future days
Days of sunshine
Days of held hands
Days of thunderstorms with lightning dazzling the heart
Revealing exquisitely powerful attraction
So beautiful
So complete
No external force exists to trample what romance stands for
No external restrictions hold any keys to this kingdom of light
For the heart and soul know what our mind cannot control.
As the bed continues to invite sleep
Rhythms and intricate melodies tease relaxation
A deep, warm smile knows
Knows that indefinable concept we label love
Never dies from denial
But withers in the hands of inner self-doubt
Lying in bed

All we own is time
We measure lives with chronological labels
As if minutes, hours, days, weeks hold any meaning
For all that exists worthwhile should be measured by twirling hair
Knee-crippling kisses
Sleep-stealing passions
Conversations of magnitudes ranging from silly to sublime
Nights of fancy
Days of discovery
Answers always revealed within
So many questions
Yet, for want of peace, we bypass life
Lying in bed,
Love this night sings her siren song
In thoughts which cry out from a lifetime
and echo ever so dimly under the cacophony of a world in chaos
No understanding of why this love is not wanted
Sadness drips sweet droplets of love’s lifeblood
Forming tiny rivers in a scarred heart
Which feels life rise again despite itself
For finally, as light fades into darkness
Self-worth and self-love find solace in each other
No one else need understand
A smile of independence
A smile of self-assured confidence
A smile for all the weariness
A smile for what could be
A corrective smile for what is
And a smile for the sad little boy
Head hung low in bewilderment
Wondering why he’s always so alone
When all he desires is one connection to one person for one moment in time
His time will come
Either by death’s hand
Or the grace of peace from one simple dream come true
One simple wish
Larger than the Universe itself
Wrapped in nothing more than that elusive creature called love
Lost and found in the kiss which will not be denied the brave heart…