Your soul,
Feeling like a rag doll in a huge darkened tunnel
Tossed about by hurricane force winds
Debris and people rocketing all around you
Bumping you. Jostling you.
Moments of quiet
Become tempests of fury.
You contribute by jumping into the chaos
You don’t know why…

The darkness remains stark.
In all this hyper-activity
When you’re thrown close enough
You see things.
Mostly pain.

You flail about for a handhold.
Sadness rules much of this realm.
Guilt for simply existing here, slashes at you
The blows hurt.

As you fly, out of control,
Others in this phantom world careen around you
Many you recognize
Not often by name but by pain and suffering
You see their wounds
Not so much how they got there
But what keeps them in this hellish tunnel of darkness and chaos

A few,
Very few,
You meet
You exchange time.
Milliseconds of hope to build on
As you each whirl out of control
Tossed into a macabre dance
And you touch
And you squeeze every ounce of hope
That each of you may find a way
A means to grasp a tether
A way home together
Against all odds
Against all fury

There become times of distance and separation
If fortunate,
Times of being tossed together
You learn to semi-control your path
Even though the whirlwind takes you at its emotional whim
You seek answers
You cry.
You know despair
You appreciate love
For it is here
In your deepest darkness
When love is the rarest commodity
You beam love out like an SOS or a lighthouse
You find your genuine love
Not the common, surface oriented stuff
You give it away
But you need love
You need to be touched
You need some bearings

When that spark arrives
Chaos still whipping you every direction
Love itself becomes pain
The most important aspect of all
Is to hold on to the trust that love will truly bring the winds down
Peace may creep back into your life
And through the entire experience
You find that you generated the tornadic winds
You kept out the light
You freefell due to your own volition
You needed answers
If you’re strong enough
Determined enough
Willing to find yourself enough
The maelstrom will not destroy you

You may step out and trust
Not others, for they live their own desperations
You trust yourself
You trust your love
You trust your heart
You trust your soul
And you live in a higher love for life

That is the hope
Whatever your condition
Whatever your reason for arrival
Whatever your circumstance
You go through it all
You find yourself
You discover truth