Burning Time

Time torched in early morning tears
Rolling thoughts over tumultuous years
Malibu 2016
Nearly now a nightmare
Only then a living dream

Burning time in our fallow mind
How life and love can live unkind
Flaming soul unrestful, uneven
For a moment
For a season

Burning time as tiny crystalline memories
Salted away in our darkened corners
Which love to haunt our hearts
Gathered demons
No fresh starts

Burning time like candles in a gas tank
Wondering when the spark ignites
Supernova flameout
A destined fact
How does this all come about?

Time the well documented enemy to life and love
Time the destructor, the master, the executioner, the end
Frugal use
Of no use
When heat meets wick

Burning time when our sanities fail us
Burning time while our passions drain us
Burning time while our failures train us
Burning time while our thoughts derail us

With so much light in our darkened world
Is it not shameful our lives play unfurled
Hidden underneath our self-imposed shrouds
Rather than live our flames truly out loud

Burning time leaves us withered and dried
Mornings of dread while evenings we cried
More power we lend to taming our flames
Color our world in distractions and games

All who burn whole, walk corporeal and quick
All burn down to our ending wick
All who wake to light comprising their lives