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This poem comes from my serial fiction on FictionsFootsteps.com. Every update gets its own poem, related to the content matter. 🙂


Youth and desire
Burning questions

If the questions burn,
What is their fuel?

Most often – intellect.

Intelligence appears as a backseat to wanton desire
Decisions follow created paths carved into reality
No discernable trail
No logical success outcome
No real chance to make any dream come true
Because the dream does not exist in the real world.

Road blocks
Unexpected variances
Surprise situations


In those short moments
Those ideal
Exhilarating moments where reality meets fantasy

Where imagination
All meet with rooms, and couches, and clothes, and skin, and secretions, and electricity

There meets reality and the world you most desire.
There resides the snippets in life where memories love to be colored like a favorite coloring book
There lives the ashes, mingled with the laughter at oneself decades later
There, splayed out on the pages of your mind, rest the moving pictures of your life
There you revisit them

Yes, the thrill and adrenalin long ago faded into less than mist
But for that moment…

You were kissed…