I Would Fly to London

I would fly to London
Peek inside your soul
Revel in those expressive eyes
Treasure a life more whole

I would fly to London
Engage the love I seek
No Grecian Urn may hold me
From expression my heart must speak

I would fly to London
Simply to know what lies unknown
Share the knowledge of feelings
A decade sprinkled, genuinely sown

I would fly to London
If only for a day
Arrive at fate or destiny’s doorstep
Time and presence to hold sway

I would fly to London
Simply for one smile
Linger in your presence
Speak gently for a while

I would fly to London
Walk a midnight moon, hand in hand
At least to know that fulfilling sigh
Its feather touch to land

Time continues to rob my life
Of riches only a soul may dream of
No matter what that day would bring
Each moment would unwrap in love

For many may not know the way
Unable to maintain love’s fire
This I claim as my deepest truth
My love exists as an eternal pyre

All we need is one tiny match
We spark to set the flame
One moment of truth to declare our soul
One ethereal explanation of why I came

I would fly to London
To know. To see. To feel.
You may toss that Grecian Urn away
Discover love surreal…