Still Worthy of a Tomorrow…

The empty bed accuses.
Worthlessness creeps around corners.
Hidden heart-hallways of darkness,
Intertwined attacks by silent loneliness,
Overwhelm undisturbed sheets,
Head-deprived pillows and a weary soul.

One dream swirls above,
In search of another.
Faded imaginations and vagaries
Pepper a dreary sleep-landscape,
Decorations –

A spark.
A life born of nothingness.
A billowed ember from damp, cold fortunes.
A miracle.
A determination.
A baby step.

If she would but appear

Loneliness would dissipate
Overt joy
Veritable ecstasy
Effervescent happiness

Altruistic pleasure
Eternal bliss.
Heartfelt relief.
A life still worthy of a tomorrow after tonight’s midnight in her heart…