Epitaph for a Hopeless Romantic

I used to dream
Romantic plays
They were my joy,
My pain my sorrow

Cast along
Within sweet melodies
Mystic songs
No longer sung by anyone

Throughout these dreams
Something whispered
“Time has come”

Breaths grow ever weak
Love won’t return
When my heart burns passion hot again

Simply romantic journeys
This mind gently drew.
Across those pages
I professed grand, loving thoughts of you

But that’s ok
There’s pleasure poets always bear as load
And through it all
Time always held
Warm dreams within my heart

Oh the sadness of the loss
Oh the longing for fruition
Oh the calamity of the day
With love’s realized tuition

I would give up much of life
For one who’d love me true
And all our dreams could meld
We one instead of two