so amazing.
A new day arrives,
as time employs perfect patience,
primed for us to etch beauty upon its eternal sands…



Sometimes, more likely too often, we pass on recognition of our inner thoughts, lives, and beauty. We see, hear, feel, taste, and smell a corrupt world attempt to surround, invade, and poison our lives.

So many give in to hatred, apathy, and insensitivity, always wagging their fingers at others. They do not realize their own poison launched into the ever-growing sea, as contributions of hatred fueling the tornado winds of destruction.

Positivity comes more difficult to humans because a positive outlook is a choice, not a default. We all get overwhelmed by the hatred in politics, religions, corporations, and even the individuals.

This day I shall not fall prey to the evil of my heart and mind but overcome and thrive on the freeing breeze of love – love of life, love of spirit, love of my internal heart, mind, and soul.

You are, and will forever remain, the change this world needs. You won’t vote it in, pray it in, nor buy it in. You, whether you like it or not, must change first. Unwillingness to do so dooms you to the herd mentality of hate.

Every day delivers your opportunity to seize it, sculpt it, and cherish the good you’ve woven into the fabric of time. Negativity and hate remain worthless because the market of humanity is flooded with both. Goodness, kindness, and creating lives of beauty will forever be the only commodity of true value.

This begins and ends with you, not the person in the line of your pointing finger…