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And Now…This

Sounds like a lead-in to Covid-19, doesn’t it?

But, no. I truly do not care about the pandemic past a modicum of self-preservation surrounded by hype, hysteria, and the absolute hypocrisy of mankind. Our fear-mongering media, our absurd reactions to said propaganda outlets, and our governments’ and corporations’ power grabs.

Is there a conscience remaining in any government, corporation, or religion? By all indications the mere concept of conscience appears to have long since escaped our “controllers.”

Before I move into the more personal germ of the idea for this post, I must say a few things. Observing how totally controlled the overwhelming voices of hate have become, I am disgusted by the vacuum of intelligence among us. So many people worked into a froth by propaganda machines with not one ounce of recognition they are being puppeteered.

The media controls people who should know better. One quite sad note springs from the apparent fact that the media also keeps the masses cowered in fear. Fear lives as a natural response mechanism within each human for survival. Fear wielded, lives as an artificial control device, well-practiced and constantly used by media, governments, and religions. Disgusting…

And now…this.

Life. A series of peaks and valleys surrounded by a loosely cohesive fog of us convincing ourselves we know what path we walk each day. Oh yes, sometimes we each conjure up the cahonies  to veil our life as something we know how to fix. On the surface, we perceive others, and even at times ourselves, as owning answers.

In the end, all we accomplish becomes intricate castles built on the sands of time only to be washed away by memory’s temporary nature. Yes, we carry forth the memories of Plato, Socrates and Beyonce, yet they exist(ed) as nothing more than our own constructs of life. My definition of “life-writing” roots itself in the word “handwriting” which I would even shorten to the word “writing.”

We each pen our own scripts. Like Blowhard Politico, who spills and sprays his/her ilk over and on anyone who’ll listen, each of us create our legacies with most to falling into the abyss of the forgetfulness of time. The same goes for Crazed Corporate, he/she snatching every ounce of mass control available. Don’t get me started on Really Religious whose greed, power-mongering, and control knows no self-check.

All three move forward in self-propelled righteousness of action which none will ever see of themselves, much more even sense. They stroll their control, major or minor does not matter, as if on parade for all to acquiesce underneath their supreme wisdom.

My personal battles with all this become quite real as I know I am human as well. As a personality who constantly self-evaluates, I recognize I’m no different. That internal mirror becomes so difficult to simply peek at much more take a good look its direction.

Despite the popular modern ego’s belief that we achieve and prosper in our technologies and ingenuity, mankind’s intelligence, our internal grounded selves, reflects poorly when placed next to our ancestors. I believe Socrates once said something to the effect of: “the more I learn I realize the less I know…”

Modern man adopts the opposite view. The more I learn, the greater I am. We lose the ability to check ourselves with our honest introspection and fall prey to the propaganda machines of others.

Is it no wonder we become awash in confusion, depression, and everything positive becomes a major effort. None of this is new. Mankind has set ourselves up as “brilliant” since our inception no matter what you believe of our origins. None of us escape this.

And now…this. What do I do with such revelation? I realize I only catch glimpses. I see my fallacies. I feel them. I breathe them. Is it no wonder we struggle with positivity? The more negative the person, the more they’re running from their own inner truth of not knowing shit about life.

So, we strive for a positive nature and outlook which flies in the face of our base nature. We know quite young that death drives our lives. Our religions, corporations, and politicians prey on that ultimate negative knowledge, gaining horrifically flawed control over our lives.

I see no answers. I see no way out of the tailspin of mankind. We will slaughter millions with our man-made diseases, wars, pharmaceuticals, oh hell, the list goes on and on and on. The only thing I see to do is to ignore the machinations of propaganda as much as possible and focus on finding a path of life which brings us some modicum of sanity.

A good friend is writing a book conceptually based on living a sane life in the midst of insanity. Each of us struggle with this. Suicides have been a reality of mankind since our inception. These days, we’re headed to lemming style deaths, much like Guyana and the Jim Jones cult.

Someone, more likely some entity, desires population control and we’re too busy fighting among ourselves (stirred up by the never-ending, never-relenting propaganda machines) to notice. When we do notice, we frantically point accusing fingers at whomever our personal propaganda beliefs tell us are the culprits. The laughable aspect of this becomes the fact that so few actually knows anything resembling truth.

Media, government, and religion have so bastardized reality and truth, we hopelessly flail about as headless chickens, already dead and we don’t realize it yet.

And now…this. Writers. TRUE writers. We work to winnow out truths. We search for the elusive grail which will lead us home. Everything I’ve written thus far is an indictment of mankind…of which I belong. That is the “this” within the writing title on this post. I fall prey to the same crap.

All I know at this stage of life is that there remains, ever present, the opportunity for joy and happiness despite our fatally flawed lives. That can be my only answer at this point. I have no grand wisdom to pass on.

I will continue to keep my internal eyes open to the fear mongering and political hatred. I will also strive to recognize as many of the other control devices prevalent in our world as possible. I will strive to keep myself within the parameters of what I know to be true. My truth. I will not react to the provocations. I read political posts sometimes and the desire to respond gets overwhelming. I know these people spewing their ilk don’t know shit about what they’re posting. They’re caught up in the bravado of self-aggrandizement.

There is no peace, no joy, no happiness in following that line of living.

And now…this.

A woman in my life would be nice… 🙂

And now…this…

Precious days wither under the watchful eyes of control
Romantic nights denied by the watchful eyes of control
Carefree moments cut short by the watchful eyes of control
Cleansing sighs erased by the watchful eyes of control

Lemmings to the sea
Sheep to the slaughterhouse
Moths to the flame
We live only when we simply walk away

Fighting battles of someone else’s origin
We seldom see our own doom until its late
So much so that the answers my friend
Sill blow in the wind

Life is now and ever has been
A chasing after the wind
Knowledge a fools gold
in a world of no true answers

We build lives
Some immaculate and full of self-deception
Some chaotic and full of self-deception
All wrapped within the dream of life

So rare
So nice
So freeing
So fleeting
So valuable

A new day rises with the sun
Fresh opportunities to strive for clarity
An anti-fight against our handlers
Our prolific controllers
Relaxing into clarity stands as the only portal
No forcing your way in

And now…this
The desire to craft my castle in time’s sands
Knowing full well its eventual destruction
Which holds within its conceptual knowledge
The fact of mankind
We perish into the obliteration of memory
Specks of dust dissolved into nothingness
Despite our best efforts.

We desire to be known
We desire to be remembered
We desire to be cherished
We desire to be loved

We may know ourselves
We may remember ourselves
We may cherish ourselves
We may love ourselves

We choose whether we realize this or not
We choose to be caught up in mankind’s insanities
We choose our path
Or we’re swept by the current of propaganda and control

We constantly must fight our way against the raging waters
We either retain the gumption to walk away or
We join the masses in the loss of our inner core
As for me I choose to step away from the “world” stating,

And now…this