News media. Politicians. Governments. Corporations. Used car salesmen.

Do you remember when car salesmen were considered the most untrustworthy collection of people? They once ran neck and neck with politicians for that ignominious position.

Welcome to the new millennia. News media cannot find truth anymore because they’ve long since ceased searching for it. Their agendas and propaganda serve only their nefarious purposes, most of which appears designed to divide people and instill fear and anger. Disgusting wretches who lost their soul somewhere along the propaganda path, paved subtly for decades by predecessors, now make an art of creating their own narratives to shove down an all too receptive audience’s throat.

Our schools have been dumbed down for decades. What identified once upon a time as a college degree, today would barely get you through high school fifty years ago. Yes, we own fancy digital technologies, but we use the bulk of the progressive gadgets for escapism, laziness, and war, many times with the three overlapping in incredulous ways.

Fear mongers.

I’ve written this before. They’re everywhere. Hell, watch The Weather Channel sometime. Most everything they present is fear based. Weathermen now have the masses in fear of thunderstorms. Oh my god, a thunderstorm is heading your way. It’s crossing 13th street! Hunker down! Protect yourself!

For all the good they like to point out, such as early warnings for tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards, they go to the extremes with aspects of life which have been weathered for eons by mankind. They lost their legitimacy when they began sensationalizing winds in a storm with “live feeds.” Most of those videos are beneath intelligence.

Fear controls many people. When you can instill enough fear, you can control – up to a point – masses of people. Fear is not enough, though. Another key component of control is division. Keep sections of society at war with each other and puppeteers may remain anonymous which allows them to manipulate the masses with all their machinated biases.

Controllers love dissension, fear, bias, and militant opinionism. These become cornerstones for news media, politicians, corporations, and…religions. Yes, religions. Many religions preach everything from hatred to exclusion. The Christians run the gamut of dislike to hatred for Muslims and vice versa. Jews are exclusionary in their own right. All fight, yes fighting, because their way is the only correct and true way to god. Doesn’t anyone else see how sick this is?

Of course, religious people immediately point at words like that and claim the person to be an “unbeliever” or an atheist (another group that tends to embrace hatred). Religion and money have murdered more people throughout history than any of the great diseases and plagues and pandemics. But are we now attempting to change that?

Ok, now we’re into the “disease” zone. Now we have lowered ourselves, ourselves being humanity, to manufacturing death through disease. Weren’t chemical and nuclear weapons bad enough? I won’t even address the pharmaceutical companies and their crimes against mankind.


What if we could kill millions of people biologically! We could set up universities with top minds to create a biological means to kill those we don’t like and not those we do like. What the hell?!!

Humanity is no wiser today than we were a hundred hears ago, a thousand years ago, five thousand years ago. In many ways, the knowledge of “LIFE” and how precious it is, was stronger in days when most people died in their 50’s and 60’s. There was an appreciation for life on levels we rarely see today.

The masses are much more interested in the debaucheries and entertainments of the day. The instant access to anything and everything. So little time spent on life. Contemplating our souls. Learning about who we truly are and how magnificent the world presents itself through nature.

Petty squabbles have mushroomed throughout history into wars. It’s no different today. If humanity were to get a report card, or no, let’s label it a progress report, on where we are in relation to life, and living it well, from our earliest days to today, I’m convinced at best we would show is no improvement whatsoever, and more likely, we’ve regressed.

The big issue in all this comes down to our innate inability to live well with the differences of one another. Do we possess a solution to our own insanity? I’ve lost hope in humanity ever coming to a place of peacefulness worldwide. Our countries cannot find peacefulness within themselves.

Our religions cannot find peacefulness within themselves.

Our governments cannot find peacefulness within themselves.

Our corporations cannot find peacefulness within themselves.

We, as individuals cannot find peacefulness within ourselves.

Hate. Fear. Murder. Control. “I’m the only one with truth” syndrome. People in power today lost the ability to check themselves and their motivations and what they will do to force others to adopt their way of thinking.

With 7.5 billion people on this planet, you will not find one person exactly like another. Our dichotomy of life is this: We are all human and we are 100% different from each other. No matter how much a “controller” attempts to homogenize a population, the effort is doomed to failure because no two people are exactly alike.

Yes, people herd themselves into groups and these groups set their agendas, but there is never a 100% agreement within each group. Once a group gets too big, the divisions become evident, mostly because people point them out and debate and argue over the differing points of view. We do not learn well from our mistakes. Someone always believes the masses can be controlled and manipulated, only to eventually find their plans fall apart.

Don’t look for any answers here. The identification of the problem would be the first step to attaining answers. There’s so much more to write and say, yet none of those words and concepts will deter mankind’s headlong plunge into self-annihilation.  We’ve now graduated from dropping bombs on each other to killing on a global scale.

Where is the conscience of mankind?

Buried with the countless billions who’ve died in love with life, and people, at the hands of those who lie, cheat, maim, murder and control without conscience. This is a global issue. This is a conviction of mankind, not one single group.

Now, I ask myself, where is the poetry in all this? After all, this site’s tagline states: “Life’s Cares in words and art.” While all these words I’ve spilled onto my screen qualify as “words” in the tagline, the intent of every post is to present something poetic in context to whatever thoughts and concepts I bring to the page. I desire to create a new poem, but one I wrote in 1982 and included in the book, “Loves Lost and Found,” comes to mind. It goes as follows:

View from the Top

We are self-made egos.
Consciences devoid of consciousness.
Self-praising souls, absent from reality.
Fools, toying with our own minds.

We are egotists. Misrepresenting truth,
not only to others, but ourselves as well.
Liars in the land of make-believe,
where all is as said, and all is not truth.

We are ego-maniacal,
gawking from our universe-centered opinions.
We see everything but ourselves.
We see nothing…
…of importance.