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Hello Lover

Hello lover…

How are you doing?

I lie in bed
Awake and aware
I know who you are
Yet I don’t know you – but I do.

Did you know I’ve touched you in my heart?

I have.

Your black, silken hair has brushed my face
The slow smolder of your eyes
Your scent
your accent
Your intellect
Your heart
Your mind

All conspire to wrap me in attentive bliss
All conspire to deliver the Grecian Urn kiss
Yet in my heart, my mind, my soul
I’ve held you in my arms on a cool midnight’s sigh
I’ve wondered andย  and dreamed of reasons why
Our time appears destined to never be nigh
But hope and love refuse to pass me by…


I stroll with you in my midnight mind
Marvel when you capture that which needs held
You embrace me despite circumstance
A world built to keep us apart
Both in our minds
And in our decisions

I do know this
A moment
A wisp of a summer blade of grass in a breeze
A rustling of an Autumn leaf swirled on a light wind
A midnight moon to cradle our love
A spring flower to tickle our noses
Winter’s ice which inspires our mutual warmth
they’re more than desires
More than dreams
More than grails for conquest and completion

Each embody love
Essence of definitions pertaining to all which is right s world

And I know this…

I’ve never actually kissed you in my dreams
My mind
My heart
Because that mere act could only be revealed in your presence
For the meeting of our lips would only be desecrated by the dream act of imagination
And is only reserved for hope
That one day the Grecian spell be broken
And I could slip into my remaining breaths
With the fervor and gentle passion of deep abiding love
Propelling each finite kiss into a gratified experience
Allowing my soul the honor and exquisite beauty
Of repeating this minute transfer of love over years or days, whichever is granted –
melded and melted into our worlds
where my own world intersects with your own world
to the point where the two mesh
and we smile
we know the other cannot feel anything less than love

Tis a dream my heart
A dream to cap all dreams
Slight moments scattered over time
Snippets of expression
To reassure you
And reassure me
That love does prevail
When its depth reveals
no end

Hello lover….

I do more than think of you…
I more than adore you for that is but candyfloss in the wind
I more than dream of you

I allow myself to hold you in my arms
To walk hand in hand after a troublesome day
To catch the scent of your hair
the glint in your eyes
to feel the warmth of your soul
for those actions stand as all I could possibly trace through the threads of experience
to fill my entire being with everything good and right
to go any further would only detract

Hello love,
For “lover” brings a defiled connotation in this world
yet in my heart I see myself brush back a strand of your hair with my fingers
I see a wan smile
I feel a knowing
and that’s all I need


May the day arrive that the warmth of our breaths cross each other
The touch of our hands reveal each other
The warmth of our embrace reassure each other
and the unimagined kiss define itself for each other
as two who know those moments of being one in love

Should we ultimately merely retain that which we’ve urned,
KNOW that you are loved.

My musings within the remnants of my midnight air this night….


I awoke from a deep sleep with these thoughts on my mind. Much as I desired to lie back down and return to my slumber, I rose instead to seek out my laptop from the living room. Once settled back into bed, I wrote “Hello Lover.” Now, in the grogginess of the hour before I must leave for work, I ran one pass through to correct typos (I always hope to catch all of them, but often some slip through).

Whether this writing makes sense to anyone is almost immaterial. It made perfect sense when I wrote it and now on the quick read-through, I still connect with the content. The one area I WOULD work on if I had more time, would be to clear up the line beginning “Of repeating this minute transfer…”

I actually DID tweak that line by adding the word minute, and the phrase “over years or days, whichever is granted -” to somewhat clear up what I’m feeling about the lasting power of a tiny kiss. Hopefully the addition works toward that end. I must now become a whirling dervish and get ready for work.