Her footfalls pad gentle through the waning light of my soul,
Their gentle drops of midnight ripple emotional pools, reflecting glints of her aura.
Memories, pasts, presents, and futures roll like temperamental tumbleweeds
Influenced by whatever cares blow in the existential winds.

She rights my ship without wont or care
From simple attention and digital smiles
Electronic demonstrations of kindness lacking in my tactile world
I miss her far beyond even the possibility of meeting her

Rhymes and reasons fall by life’s empty courts
No judgments to befall us other than our own misgivings about the time we’ve spent
She rises to the horizon, whether it be dawn or dusk
Claiming the love I cannot relinquish, she, without word or deed, owns all within me

Foolishness would be the critical cry of most whom I know
Less complimentary from unknown fellow travelers
Yet nothing from others conveys any detraction
For they know not the heart I’ve felt, read, and seen with my inner eye.

Here’s what I know and love
Her awareness of how her gentle drops of midnight soothe my soul
Her lovely, chiffon elegance when love and life meet in purer light
Her ever constant of love and kindness to me
Anyone would count her a blessing in their life