Fatal Push


I fled the news today, oh boy!
Two hundred people claiming life for themselves
One tainted judge to strike them down


Media drives division
Blatant manipulations to set people apart
Ask the question why? Why?

United people cannot be feared into subjugation.
Beware the fatal push.
Beware the fruitions of control.

Waking up too late will never serve your life
Unless you mean to lose the sight you own
Unless you care to live the tyrants’ dreams

Wake up, people of the world
See that fear screams and TRUTH walks silent in your path
Resist the final push toward the losses of your freedoms

Force employed which robs you of the basics of life
Force with fear as its staff and sword
The fatal push toward humanity’s downfall

Unfortunately (for me) I DID read the news today…oh boy!

And so it begins, the final, fatal push to the loss of all freedoms of mankind. If a human has no right to determine what goes into their body, if life itself becomes restricted because of passive-aggressive marshal law type edicts, wielded through fear, what freedom does a human truly possess?

A federal judge ruled against nearly 200 health workers who refused the vaccine for COVID 19. The judge stated they were not being “forced” to have something injected into their bodies. He stated, “the workers simply need to work elsewhere” if they do not vaccinate.

Simply? What the hell? The track record for deaths and complications from the vaccines are not exactly great. Of course, our media, our medical community, and certainly our governments are not willing to report such things as congestive heart failure, heart attacks and other side-effects from the vaccines.

When COVID first came on the scene, it was over 6 months before I knew anyone who contracted the flu. Once my friends began getting vaccinated, I immediately know people who’ve had serious side-effects from the injection(s). With a nearly 99% survival rate, which is only a small percentage less than survival of the now-no-longer-reported flu, taking away people’s livelihood by Draconian means certainly does at the very least whisper Naziism, which is a claim these health workers made.

The judge repudiated the comparison, but the day is fast approaching where, if you do not have the proper numerical coding, you will be relegated to far less than a second-class citizen. When did we give up the simplest of freedoms? The freedom to our very bodies? Really? Other people now control what happens to our bodies. And we, the people, lay down for the propaganda, bullying, and derision because of fear?

Not all of us tremble in our boots, beds, or anyplace else from the rhetoric raining like negative verbal daggers threatening to pierce anyone who does not lie down and comply. This is nothing new. Entire countries have done this with evil dictators and leaders who promised incredible lives they possessed no hope of providing.

This evil is the most nefarious. This evil is a not-so-passive-aggressive entity. Fear is mongered everywhere you turn. Even though the very paperwork you sign when you get the vaccine clearly states they are experimental, and none have been vetted and passed by the FDA in the US, the mere fact the the FDA said, “Okay” to an emergency use of experimental vaccines, this judge blows that off.

People no longer think for themselves. Few are willing to stand against such a basic loss of freedom because the backlash and the crushing negativity is more than they could handle. I am saddened, not just in this country, but the entire world, falling so quickly and easily to the pressure of those who would control our very bodies.

When did life become an “extend-at-all-costs” experience? When did societies fall into the blatant and most dangerous trap there could ever be, of governments controlling what goes into your body? How can the lemming-masses flee to this? When governments obtain such totalitarian control, nothing good ever comes to the people.

The other issues at play here are the powerful wealthy. Tracking money to Wuhan was quite the reveal. Once upon a time, the media would have jumped all over that. Crickets.

The media of this world does not serve people other than to create havoc, fear, and set up control factors, such as placing experimental drugs into your body, not voluntarily, but forcibly. That day has arrived, and it will only get more Draconian, more pervasive, and more deadly.

You have the right to what you put into your body. You make that choice. Allow me the same right. A life lived in fear is not a life. A life lived and controlled by fear is nothing more than a manipulated existence. Sadness befalls me that powerful entities will soon control our bodies. What fear will they create when the argument is made that those who live in fear are now vaccinated, so they are safe?

This has been preset for some time. This amazing flu that came out of nowhere(?) has many “mutations” occuring which will mean that people will need to constantly have things injected into them. Very convenient. Has anyone studied mutations and how they may happen so quickly from something that came out of nowhere?

It does not take a research scientist to come to the conclusion that these mutations are occurring from a created product. There is no other conclusion. The only question left is will those who fall in step with global government edicts persecute those who see things differently. In WWII Germany, the Schindlers were massively outnumbered by those who kowtowed to the yoke the Nazi’s threw around them, at first through promises of a better life, then through edicts of control through fear.

Humanity stands at its most vulnerable crossroad in history now. Right now. Will you join the forces who would control the very fluids and workings in your body, or will you allow choice? The basic freedom of choice. Once you sell that away, you no longer live your own life.

Many have chosen to take the vaccines. That is their choice. Will you allow others to make their own? Or will you condemn them, berate them, bully them, and separate them from society as less than second-class citizens? This has happened time and time again throughout the history of the world. Will you participate in the next evil regime to dominate people? I hope you will allow dissenting views, studies, and decisions on life the opportunity to live as they desire.

The forces at work today in our despicable media are beyond disgusting. The media propaganda falls in step with those taking control, not of a country or countries, but the entire world. How the masses can be so easily duped is a shock to me. All governments lie. Politicians, on the whole, are professional liars. They lend ear candy to the masses like a corporate Pied Pipers, then, once they wrench enough control, leave the people wallowing in the wake of their true agendas.

I’ve lived long enough to understand, observed sadly enough to comprehend, the underbellies of government, corporations, and religions do not stand positively under the light of honest scrutiny. The COVID lies have been apparent from the beginning, yet the masses give those hungry for power carte blanche with their edicts. The CDC has reported completely ridiculous and untrue “facts” since the beginning, which fed into the “fear-factor” they needed. Remember sanitizing shipments because the virus could be transmitted through touching something and someone else touching it?

Incredibly irresponsible “facts” which brewed fear on blatant day-to-day levels and on subliminal psychological levels. Masks, which have been proven time and again to be ineffective, INEFFECTIVE, to stemming the tide of this created virus, are one of the most effective tools being used by those who would deflect people from TRUTH. If the CDC and media and governments and corporations can keep strife between people who crumble to fear and those who stand against it, they can keep the spotlights and microscopes away from the ugly intentions behind their agendas.

When a judge rules against people fighting for their jobs simply by saying, “If you don’t get the injection, simply work someplace else.” there becomes exposed a serious problem with even our courts. What a farce and miscarriage of justice. Changing jobs is not simple, and, once the corporate evil gets one toe-hold, soon there will be no place to work, no ballgame to go to, no cruise to be able to enjoy, simply because those in control wish to exert their dominance so they may then enforce their background agendas.

The day will come when humanity regrets turning over their very lives to people, who throughout history, have horribly abused similar but far less daunting power over its people.


Never has it been in the best interest of people, of humanity, to lay down for the wealthy, the government, and their propaganda. Poisoned candy still tastes sweet. Please do not participate in fear control. You possess the ability to not join the ranks of those who would strip all humans of their right to choose what happens to their bodies. I’m telling you, this is not something to give away.

Make your choice as to what you do.

Allow me and others the same choice.

Please do not help perpetuate the fatal push through fear and coercion to strip humanity of that choice. Whether you wish to believe or not, there are forces who are using this manufactured virus for power and control on a level this world has never experienced.

Time to write my poem. I will place it at the beginning of this post.