The toll of life.

So many simply say to pick yourself up and move on.

So much damage. So much pain.

So much euphoria. So much joy.

All exact their payment. The price you pay one day will bankrupt you.

Yes. Joy. Euphoria. Positives require energy. What happens when that energy no longer allows access points.

Huh! (gravely growling voice of a John Wayne type) “Pick yourself up! You gotta have the hunger, boy! You gotta want it! You gotta go for it!

Exhaustion doesn’t tap your energy. Exhaustion doesn’t steal your energy. Your hunger. Your desire. Exhaustion simply convinces your mind, heart, and soul there remains no point in carrying on.

I’m behind the keyboard again. The distractions of exhaustion, videos of great sports feats, Tik Toks, solitaire. What kept me from them this day?


Over an hour of sports, movie shorts, Tik Toks.

The hunger never dies. The desire flails and withers…but never dies…completely.

One day, one wicked day, the passion, the desire, the hunger, will perish completely. Let that day be the last breath.

Whether the words come brilliant, overloaded in pathos and insight, or the babbling of a pathetic madman, allow them to fall off my fingertips through the last breath.

Choice becomes more channeled, more of a struggle with age. The fire of youth, altruism, passion, boil away in the toils of life. Where does this keystroke owe its gratitude?

The intangible will.

That place within us we’ve always needed to acknowledge, respect, and utilize. The unnameable will within which lies as our final line in the sand. That line is not intended to be Tom Petty’s stand at the Gates of Hell, but the line you will yourself to step back into life, take the punches and throw your own.

In this day and age, a major shift has been machinated by sick, moralistically bankrupt powers who would divide a world and set us all at each other’s throats. I’m no different. I am disgusted by bioweapon domination and fear instilled controls that demean life and the simple human beauty of facial expression which robs us of one of the most powerful human traits, smiles and frowns and joys and loves and nearly everything precious to human communication.

I know there remain few open-minded souls. We no longer possess the luxury of an open mind. The manipulations have forced and foisted a black and white world. A do or die life scenario. Fauci’s failed attempts to eradicate large numbers of humans continue to struggle. Eventually, he/they will make it more powerful and deadly.

Screw the thought that the endgame will work out well. The camps have effectively been divided. The powers that be machinating all this strife and destruction obviously will keep doubling down on their media/corporate/governmental control of narrative until conflagration manifests itself.

Unless you live in that mass-manipulative circle that has the entire world choosing sides, there remain few options.

This negative, fear-based world delivers exhaustion to us all. This is what the media, global pharmaceutical drug dealers, and government desire. Take the attention away from “us”, the “us” being the puppeteers, and keep them all fighting, dying, and miserable. Global tyranny has finally arrived. Instead of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin-type megalomaniacs, we are experiencing the shadow tyrants.

The conquest is not through what we call “conventional weapons” this war is currently fought with words constructed as control through absurd fear and lies. There is no “conspiracy Theorist” here, only those who see and understand and those prone and groomed to mass manipulation.

There will be no “conversions” of camp by this writing. There is no expectation of open minds stopping to consider this “may” be true. There is only the hope that those of us who see, feel, and understand the despicalbe disgraces to humanity will never stop until they are identified and dealt with, do not give up under the exhaustion driven into our minds and hearts by ruthless media, corporations, and corrupted governments.

We either step ourselves over that line in the sand and step into living a HUMAN life, or we wither and die at the hands of those who would gladly see us all dead.

So maybe this is a rallying cry. Maybe this writing is a call to compatriots who are down but not out. The real issue for BOTH sides is not the narrative the media has so carefully crafted and disgusting liars like Fauci have fomented, but each side recognizing that the perpetrators of the destruction of humanity on a global level HAVE NOT BEEN IDENTIFIED.

We better wake up and realize this or the war will be real and the consequences will be a global disaster. Of course, that is the apparent endgame. Follow the money. Follow the power. Once upon a time, the media would do this. Now the slime of sellout pours from the media, a putrid cesspool of manipulation.

Someone knows. Someone knows who is behind this global war. If the identification does not happen soon, all will be lost. Live like a human. Cease being a puppet.

Line crossed.