Out of Darkness

Traveling through hell?
Don’t slow down
Nowhere to go?
Keep moving
Hope lost?
Never further from you than your next thought
Love nonexistent?
Not when you fill yourself with love
Fear of death?
You will die
Fear of life?
See the immediate above answer
Too many view death as something to avoid at all cost
So few view life as something to pursue at all cost
One cannot put their energy into dancing with the fear of death without robbing themselves of the joy of life.
Many have died pursuing life at absurdly young ages
Hallowed and hailed as people who lived well
Yet we follow the talisman of old age as the end all and be all of life
Stepping out of darkness requires you to live YOUR life
Not the one you’re commanded to live

“Oh god! You’re a conspiracy theorist!”

If this statement defines you, move on. There’s nothing to see here. Go back to your docile, believe-the-media-mentality.

If you read the flow of information, you can see the manipulations. More importantly, you may learn to look away from the circus. Behind the insanity lies truths of actions most of us would be appalled to see.

Long ago, our media became masters of smoke-and-mirror reporting. They focus on a key issue, get the masses stirred up. Then, while so many folks are weighing in on whatever pseudo-crusaded they’ve generated, the disgusting work is quietly performed without outrage from the masses. Attempt to sue Monsanto for poisoning our food with their genetically altered seeds. While you’re at it, attempt to purchase true, unaltered seeds.

What about the paid rioters a couple years ago? Have you experienced paid protesters? I have. The sheer stupidity of these people cannot be described in words. During the obvious (and massively under-reported) paid protestor/rioter phase, a group disrupted life around my place of work. These people prove Darwin wrong at every turn EXCEPT for those leading the charge.

I observed the key people during the absurdity. The man, in his thirties, oozed a calculated intelligence. As soon as police arrived, he moved his minions on to the next location. They continued to catcall and berate customers walking into the cafe as they left, often full of profanity and vitriol. As I’ve understood since childhood, profanity becomes the final tool of a senseless mind. The focus of people who attack in this manner becomes solely a provocative endeavor.

Many people see through all this bullshit. I’m stating clearly and succinctly if the media is keying on something, there is a 100% chance there is an ulterior motive, never in our best interest. The sickest aspect of this becomes the connection between those pulling the strings of the media and machinating negativity nearly at all times with both corporate powerhouses and politicians blurring the lines between the two at a level that is as brilliant as it is diabolical.

All you have to do is look at our intellectually challenged leadership and connect the dots. The United States of America has been invaded by this political machine which now operates openly in its quest to dismantle our best attributes. These are sad days. The darkness to come shivers the soul.

So where do we look for answers? How do we fight an adversary who controls the conversation like a sick narcissist? That’s the modus operandi of our media. Gaslight the shit out of the masses then points to them as the problem.

If people have not been educated to the level they can see behind the curtain, the lemmings will run full-tilt-bozo to the sea. When media strums the negative heartstrings and points the rabid dogs they’ve created in a particular direction, all you can do is hold on to your sanity, your peace, and treasure what life you can find.

An aside, “my body my choice” only pertains to a certain segment of the population when in truth, anyone should be able to make medical decisions about their bodies. Bring this point up and you will definitely hear the absurd argument – “oh, but THAT’S different!” Continue to point out the simple logic and you will hear profanity and personal attack.

Back to health. Today, the media, among many other agendas, is driving the “mental health/depression” narrative. What’s wrong with that? Nothing if it were coming from an innocent, well-meaning source. The single-most proprietor of negativity and mental destruction, the media, now doubles down to tell us, “Look at what we’ve accomplished” without people realizing the snake that keeps biting them and the bully that continues to knock them down is the folks behind the very articles they’re reading on the subject.

In a perfect world, the most knowledgeable people on a subject would be the ones to go to for answers. In this world, these people stand proud as the perpetrators leading more and more millions to pharma (I will never capitalize this word – they do not deserve it). The media will decry street drug dealers and perpetuate the global power-and-money-controlled drug dealers -pharma. There exist only scant truths from the media anytime they mention pharma. Control now becomes the norm and the masses now roll over the manipulations like docile animals,

Protect your mind. When the crushing volume of media-driven tripe knocks you down, look at who the media wishes to divide. Understand that those who follow the media’s agendas will not be dissuaded. Friends, family, loved ones.

We live in an age when we must cling to our sanity and move forward or be assimilated. In an insane world, the sane person will appear insane. Scant consolation to be sure, but the alternative for many of us is unacceptable.