The Alpha Post

I no longer ask when this began. The invitation of stupidity. The collapse of dreams, of prosperity, of common sense. Our sun once rose upon a land of achievers. People of intellect. People who forged great cities, brought to life amazing inventions, and cured diseases.

Mentors once drove me forward, lending me wisdom to build my thoughts and dreams. In my way, I passed on in kind, helping others trapped by their own restrictions to discover they possessed so much more than they’d ever imagined right there in their beautiful, chaotic minds.

Somewhere we lost ourselves. As a nation. As a people on this Earth. As a person.

Who is John Galt?

Fear now rules our land, our minds, and our lives…

One of the most egregious Fear Mongers in our society this present day other than our politicians, propaganda spouting machines (otherwise so-called “news media”) and Big Pharma is the vapid, insipid Weather Channel. This mouthpiece of everything FEAR has been spewing its drivvel for so long it seems to get a pass from even people with active brain cells. Remember how the reporters would massively overact in wind-blown rain? How they would be nearly falling down when a gust of wind shot its pitiful invisible daggers while walkers in the background strolled with no difficulty?

The Weather Channel stooped to new lows this past week. They reported on what they’ve dubbed a “zombie virus” in Antarctica. Please. PLEASE! Ask yourself WHY would they call this “Discovery” a zombie virus? A frozen “virus” was purportedly discovered underneath the frozen tundra. The virus still possesses a glimmer of life, hence the moniker “zombie.”

Why “zombie?” Because our education system has failed us completely at this point. We’ve raised generations of young people who are doing their best to chemically and biologically defy science and nature to become zombies. Who in the hell, with any level of analytical intelligence would buy into this? The present crop of young people, that’s who.

Why do you think the lying, deceptive, manipulative CDC would place a page on their site addressing zombies? Why would the vilest liars of this world like Fauci (I won’t dignify his soiled name with his “degree”), CNN, Gates, and other slithering snakes, push “vaccines” down our throats or, more specifically, into our arteries and FEAR MONGER the world into submission?

Our present generation of young people suffer systematic destruction in our education system. Those who are willing to stand up and fight the scourge of lies cannot get a voice because our corrupt government, media, and healthcare refuse to acknowledge any facts that do not serve their destructive agenda

Zombies permeate our youth, another of the initially benign seeming distractions of online gaming. The subliminal repetition of subjects like zombies, UFOs, and climate change (don’t get me started on that farce…) will condition this generation of young minds into believing anything they hear. Hell, this strategy has worked on left-wing adults, people who should have acquired enough education to know better.

Oh, my apologies. WHO money (read Fauci and his wife) did not go to the Wuhan laboratory that created and released/leaked a virus for which Moderna had already created a supposed vaccine that PERFECTLY matched the DNA sequences of the virus hyped to the world four years later. What a boon that was to big pharma and to government’s massive overreach of authority all over the world.

Create fear and panic, use this to strip basic freedoms as simple as healthy breathing, steal people’s jobs with lies, ruin millions of businesses and lives, all in the name of a new world order which so few even recognize. The CDC and other “scientific” entities are now saying that masks did nothing, which many of us already knew because we actually studied and learned in school. The masks were EXACTLY the same as mandating nuclear bomb alarms in schools in the fifties and sixties where we, as children, were instructed to take cover underneath our desks. WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT BOTH SCENARIOS ARE.

Our government knew the radiation would be airborne. They not only boldface lied, they never bothered to apologize nor even attempt to correct the misconceptions. Same with the masks. The truth was being spoken by MANY legitimate scientists from jump that the virus molecules were so much smaller than the gaps between fibers in masks that rather than a deterrent, the masks were actually a health hazard, which again, many of us knew who retained lessons in school growing up.

That our corrupt and despicable media pedaled all this propaganda is as disgusting as it is predictable.

Now that everything that was called “Conspiracy Theory” three years ago is now being left-handedly admitted by media and government, WHERE THE HELL IS THE OUTRAGE? People lost their jobs over LIES. People lost their lives over LIES. People could not attend the funerals of their loved ones over LIES.

I am stupefied that the left continues to act passively in the face of the revelations that they were sold a bill of goods as rotten as anything ever perpetrated on this planet. The left supposedly “cares” about people, yet no one is giving back the jobs to those who lost them simply for NOT BELIEVING LIES. No outrage in the left. No condemnation of our FBI (who knew all along) and other governmental agencies that pushed a massively false narrative on us.

This reeks of something so large and sinister that I don’t believe anyone can truly wrap their minds around it. How does someone, or some entity, acquire so much power that they control big pharma, world media, WHO, governments, corporations, political parties, education systems and more?

Come on people. Get your heads out of your asses. Admit you were duped. More importantly, walk away from the fearmongers like major news networks and crazed left-wing progressives who are dumping us into another “Dark Age.” When they have you believing males can have babies and that you must change your pronouns, you have lost your grasp of reality.

There is no depth these people will not sink to. Less than one percent of the population is dictating lies to you and you sit idly by and allow it. If you cannot take a stand now, you never will. The evidence of the coordinated destruction of truth is underway and we are far past the point where we need to make a stand.

Unfortunately, I know few who bought into the lies will back away at this point. The sad thing is, when all is said and done, even the so-called conspiracy theorists will not be able to crow ‘I told you so’ because the destruction will be so complete. It’s coming. The next big fearmonger experience is in the works and on its way. Continue to buy in and we all lose. Sick people like Gates and Soros and Fauci and a very long list of conspirators will have their way. Hopefully, there are enough of us willing to fight a cowardly, lying, despicable enemy who hides rather than comes out and shows themselves and their sick agenda to the world.

When Will We Ever Learn

World darkness
Creeps like a targeted, manufactured virus
Lies as a media giant run by powerful, cruel men and women
Slithers through good people’s lives spreading its ilk
Death its merchant, its client, and its goal

Asked only by half the population
The banned question of anyone who smells a rat
Vicously attached as hate speech
Once a staple of science

Stamped out on myriad levels

Will be absent forever as it has never reigned in this world
And the nature of mankind will not be reconciled
Even with diminished populations will not happen
Not the goal of the gutless powers who hide their destructive ambitions

When will we ever learn?