Mankind lost its mind. No, this statement stands as far too past tense. We exist in a snowballing loss of reason, logic, and intelligence along with a long and deep list of attributes that once made us the dominant species of life on earth.

Now we are reduced to pettiness, shaming, and blatant lies labeled as truth, news, diagnosis, etc. We’ve created diseases to apparently run profits sky high because we first invent the “cure” or “vaccine,” patent the damned thing then release the disease into the world and rake in a boatload of money. There definitely lie much more despicable, incalculable, and sinister motives behind this disgusting agenda.

All now becomes calculated, through media and governments bought and paid for, either through outright clandestine agreements or apparent symbiotic fleecing of the world population. Forget documented proof. That sort of evidence does not fit the narrative of those who wrested control long ago.

They can double down and count on mankind’s disgusting apathy and refusal to remember the lies told over two years. Fauci, claiming COVID came from bats (definitely not a lab…), when a lab he helped to fund, and a project he endorsed years before the machinated pandemic, delivered world recognition and truckloads of cash to his life.

Forget the big names who tailor and sculpt public opinion rather than deliver the truth, how about the individual? A woman, relishing the dominance of “customer complaint” refuses to listen to four experts who tell her that she cannot double bill a certain type of insurance for her prescription. When offered the simple fix of calling the doctor and getting authorization which would allow the insurance to go through, she would rather browbeat store-level employees for hours because she knows the system better, even though that system has repeatedly denied her claim.

I know. Sounds like I have an ax to grind. But this is not an isolated experience. Daily, people are going to absurd lengths to show everyone they can force to listen, that they know better about their particular insanity.

Yes, insanity. There is no way for a rational mind to allow for the complete destruction of facts and truths that constantly fall to bluster and complete abandonment of reality. What strikes me as beyond disturbing is that when a person attempts to stand on reason, that person is attacked mercilessly and without any concrete proof.

I am disgusted with the great liars of this world who pollinate dissension, division, and outright violence. I am more disgusted by a public who cannot muster the backbone to step up and fight this scourge, this blight on the progression of mankind. We live in a suicidal downward spiral, refusing to fight for truth and facts, and we allow the liars to constantly double down on their ridiculous non-truths.

Pfizer and the other big pharma ilk, who fearmongered hundreds of millions of people into padding their coffers, lied all along the way. The vaccines will save you. 100%. They are safe. 100%. You MUST get a vaccine or you will die. You must wear a shaming mask, which they knew to be ineffective, as they chuckled to their big banks who smiled at their windfalls, with government officials who did their bidding.

Check out the Pfizer commercials now. Open your ears! Hear how they’ve completely toned down their fear agenda and are treating the failed disease (failed because it did not kill enough people) like the flu it was derived from. Look at pre-pretended pandemic at the stats on flu deaths in the US. I did. Half a million people died of the flu in 2017. No flu during the pandemic. Why? Because it’s the new, improved (in a lab) flu. They managed to up the kill count, but not much.

Don’t get me started on things like a friend who died in a car wreck had their death certificate cause of death labeled COVID. Only after the spouse of the deceased threatened an attorney would the hospital change the certificate. Only under threat of the truth and a lawsuit.

When the media is corrupt and under the control of those who are self-seeking, without any pushback, the human race is doomed. There are voices of reason out there but you must dig deep and be willing to back off of what you were spoon-fed and swallow the truth that you’ve been had.

All this collective insanity appears to owe its blueprint to some notable books that predicted the world we now know. 1984. The Fountainhead. Atlas Shrugged.

Days of Lies

Truth succumbs to absurd assailment
Reality stolen in twisted lies to suckle agenda
Facts trampled and shat upon through ridicule
Sanity flees

Attacks played out through double-speaking tongues
Revile those who refuse the Koolaid
Double down on anything debunked
Sanity flees

When extreme minorities dictate your life
Absurd science rooted in Shelleyian maniacal practice
When all reason falls strewn underneath the controller’s feet
You live the Days of Lies


Sanity flees…