What a strange world in which we exist. Preoccupation with death begins at such a young age. Drenched in scenes of violence, illness, accidents, and simple old age, there exists far more dodging death than embracing life. 

I’m talking about our entertainment – movies, tv, music, sports – our preoccupations with medicines and surgeries and vaccines, in our governments with their wars and their acts of deadly commission and omission, in our pharmaceuticals with each commercial containing a litany of horrible side-effects which serve only to desensitize us from what we’re allowing in our bodies. 

Then there looms the psychological aspect of death. Without recognizing the truth, this world passively allows pharma, government, corporations, and disgusting media to fearmonger every soul with breath. 

We go from one extreme control to another. The latest is AI and I’m certain we will rue the day of its existence. But the world population has been desensitized by our “fictional” movies decrying the severe danger of AI. 

Let us live people. Let us walk away from the controls. I am horribly controlled. The dopamine of modern technology wars with my sense of living and breathing and experiencing the joy of life. More often than not, I lose these wars. I’m lured into the lurid, calculated shorts on Tik Tok and other media streams. 

There must one day come a corrective revolution. Someone, some great hero, must come into this world to stop the madness – or we shall perish as a productive race. 

Oh, Michael, such doom and gloom… Come on. Any of you reacting to me thinking and speaking those thoughts, laid down your life for lies long ago. Truth will always be in front of us. Courage, however, will remain behind most of us until we collect the power to overcome (which, by the way, will not come without the exertion of courage). 

These liars in pharma (I’ve ceased capitalizing that despicable entity), government, media, etc will continue to double down on their lies and DARE anyone to stand up to them. We’ve become complacent and allowed criminals to control this world. I sensed it back in the touted “New World Order” days. I learned that even the conservatives in government had bought into this bullshit control of people’s lives. That jaded me, hearing daddy Bush talk about the New World Order. I thought only the lefty loons held a stranglehold on this.

We continued to be played, every minute of every day. When I say “we” I am speaking of everyday man which the aforementioned entities do not give a rats ass about other than how we can be used to further their agendas. 

Putin is not the only evil in this world at the moment. He’s obligingly taking the visual lead. Fauci, Gates, Soros, pharma, media, the medical community’s bought-out doctors following the money rather than the truth, etc, etc, etc, all combine to form the perfect storm of world domination from a few over the masses. 

The big question for those of us who see all this happening always boils down to this: “What can I do about it?” We heard of the “Arab Spring” back a decade or two ago. We need a “World Spring.” 

This world plummets into the abyss of horrid people controlling our lives. We appear to give up without a fight on a daily basis. There are good people working hard to get the truth and facts out to the public, but the media no longer cares about facts. Bought, sold and delivered long ago. 

We continue to play the insipid game of dodging death rather than living life. We are fat, complacent, too comfortable even with all the freedoms we lose each and every day. We will be steamrolled into submission. We likely will die by the billions. But hey, who am I? 

Look at the Cleveland Clinic’s study of the after-effects of the vaccines and boosters. They set out to prove the vaccines worked in a study of 51,000 healthcare workers (not patients). What they proved was that with each successive booster, the chances of contracting COVID (manufactured and profited by Fauci and friends) increase dramatically with each successive dose. Those who were never vaccinated have the least chance of contracting the weaponized bio-creation-for-profit-and-control virus. 

There’s plenty of scientific facts being spoken out there, but because the media is controlled, you must search it out. Of course, as soon as you search for truth, they track you and label you for their future agendas. It’s a first step. Search the truth about the pathetic masks that have absolutely no power to stop the spread of the virus. This was proven before this “pandemic” even took hold. 

But they scared you with no one having paper to wipe their asses with. I still shake my head at that. The absurdity was such a brilliant move. 

Oh well, I will go out today, work with some flowers and tomato plants, shoot some hoops, and strive to embrace life. 

Dodging Death

One day we grasp awareness
or not
One day we breathe in the miracle of life
or not
One night we gaze into the face of the celestial heavens and feel awed
or not
One night we embrace and share honest passion
or not
One week we strive to shrug off the controls of this modern world
or not
One week we daily seek more truth manufactured through facts rather than controlled rhetoric
or not
One month we set in motion a new step in our existence toward living
or not
One month we develop a pattern of asking “why” is this absurd issue dominating everyone when there stand real issues which need to be addressed
or no
One year we consistently cease supporting the “money” who controls our lives
or not
One year we actively pursue recapturing our freedom to life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness
or not

In every single moment we each possess the nanosecond option of decision
Decision to abandon dodging death rather than continuing as the controllers desire 
or not
In every single moment we each possess the nanosecond option of decision
Decision to embrace life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness.
or not

As with anything worthwhile in life
Effort becomes the lynchpin to success
Actively take steps to regain your life
or not