Birthday Song #29


MMC2 12-31-2015If I Had to do it All Over Again

I’d fall down the front porch steps and land on my head
I’d get lost at six in the Colorado mountains again
I’d listen to the dreadful quarrels and drunken yelling
I’d cry on Christmas Eve again at twelve
I’d lose my heart at the seventh-grade sock hop
I’d suffer the pain of my best friend stealing my girl
I’d endure the grief of my Granny’s dying
I’d surrender myself to my lonely fate
I’d withstand my father’s evil contempt
I’d go through the disintegration of a four-year proposal
I’d face my first brush with death once again
I’d resign myself to the loss of a good woman who I thought was the answer
I’d survive two decades of hell and abuse
I’d cope with a second, more direct brush with death
I’d brook the struggles of everyday life
None, not one, of these terrors would sway me
Not one, none, of the curses would deter
For if I knew you would be there waiting
If I knew our lives would connect
I would subject myself to all that indeed harmed me
If I had to do it all over again…

…for you

Birthday Song #27

AYAM Crop 1Sometimes Young

You’re sometimes young
Music brushes past your ears like a free-flowing highway
Destination heart, soul, emotions
Access to the stories of your life as if some mystical key unlocks you
Releasing all the pains, anguish, exhilarations, passions,
Those higher planes of ourselves that the everyday life does not allow.

You’re sometimes young
Wistful thoughts travel with the audial delights
Distant past made palpable again to delight or dismay
Your ability to craft the emotions from sound becomes creativity induced
Wonder and amazement overrun by the flood of feelings
And the need to bring the best of you, left behind, into the here and now.

You’re sometimes young
In music, in love, in harmony, in melancholy
You find yourself open to the dusty halls within
As you stir up the flakes of all you held dear
Reality a questionable thing when you glimpse who you were
Who you are, and define who you will be

You’re sometimes young
Hand in hand with love, music, peace, tranquility
At one with your past, present, future
She smiles while you kiss her like she knows joy intimately
Your life takes on meaning, you invigorate your mind
Youth becomes real once again and you realize it never truly left at all…

Birthday Song #26

handinhandwiththesunLose Yourself?

Always waiting.
Magic comes unbidden.
The waiting.
The always waiting.

Always stuck.
Magic comes unbidden.
The waiting.
The always waiting.

Stammered steps.
Always tiny.
Effort-filled progress,
Only to move in micron measurements.
Action far better than waiting.
Far better than the always waiting.

Sporadic hoping.
Magic comes unbidden.
The hoping stirs.
Hoping always stirs.

Hands touch and the deal is sealed and sparks fly and eternities pass and lips meet and worlds collide, and souls mesh and whirlwinds thrill and songs mean things and rightness consumes and everything good floods the emotional threads which define the picturesque tapestry which reveals your life and you know you lose yourself in order to find yourself redefined with a new landscape stitched into your world and the fires which threatened to voraciously consume now glow, embers which charge easily into passion and the world where you lost yourself manifests as the dream you desired so many eons passed,
The eons of waiting.
The always waiting

And now that it’s all over
And the songs may be heard again
And her voice still thrills every emotional fiber
And her kiss still echoes love’s passions
And her hand still fashions itself as melding mastery in yours,
And your hearts beat rhythms of two as one
My waiting,
My always waiting,
Invited me to lose myself in something higher,
Something fulfilling
Something amazing
My waiting brought me through the vagabond disguises
My always waiting introduced me to myself once again.
Getting lost in us is more being found than anything I’ve ever known.

Lose yourself?


More like discovery.
I cannot wait.
I cannot always wait.
I’m anxious for everything we bring to our lives which continue to grow us, nurture us, redefine us in unimaginable ways
Where we find ourselves
Redefine ourselves
And become who we’ve always desired to be…

Birthday Song #25


I simply desired to repose here,
Quiet and serene,
Write of your heart,
Softly sing made-up songs of your aura,
Close my eyes and revel in your kiss,
Perk my inner ears and pretend your voice tickles them,
Fall mesmerized into the dream where you lie beside me,
Snuggled and comfortable as soft linens with crumpled down pillows,
We, cradled in their sanctuary,
Slip silent into our ethereal sleep…

Birthday Song #24

Adoration – fervent and devoted love – reverent homage. 

Homage – something done or given in acknowledgment or consideration of the worth of another

Aura – a subtly pervasive quality or atmosphere seen as emanating from a person, place, or thing.


Yes, I revere her.
Something in her aura
The sparkle in her eye
Her smile when we kiss
The swing of her stride in heels

Yes, I adore her.
Something in her feminine mystique
The laughter in her soul
Her heart for good and right
The nestle of her small hand in mine

Yes, I love her.
Though the word pales into insignificance to the feeling
The closeness we share
Her kindness. Gentleness. Playfulness.
The puzzle piece which sets my heart free.


Birthday Song #23

M&M Kiss 3Journey

I’ve been moved by all manner of life
Thrilled by Stairway to Heaven at high decibels
Mesmerized by golden, burnt orange, lavender sunsets
Muted by ethereal snowscapes
Marveled at the glorious ingenuity of the human mind
Embraced by spring meadows and soft grasses
Invigorated by Autumn’s crisp, colorful splash
Cooled by summer pools and oceans and springs…


At no time and in no manner
Could the imbued power from holding your hand
The honor of your loving kiss
The comfort of your caring heart
Ever compare less in my heart of hearts


Love breathes life
Life breathes hope
Hope breathes a song into my step
Which blazes a couple’s trail
With you and I strolling through time…


Birthday Song #22

Dreamscapes decorated with a kiss

Eyes the limpid pools of forever,

My love the colors of chaos and determination

Your touch the searing thrill of gentleness and compassion
We cling to the wisp of a fantasy

Willing to work the magic of reality

By giving ourselves to one another

Surrendering battlegrounds for hope and peace
Hand in hand we grow our dream

Smiles, laughter, fear, pain, joy, togetherness

We accomplish all as one

Our concert revels in its simple complexities
No dream ever touched our lonely hands

Nor sealed the deal for our lifetime’s sake

Like the day our magic bloomed

Simple. Caring. Free. Strong. 
Our dreamscape decorated feels so right

Words fail miserably to capture our truth

Love stands strong

Happy birthday My Love. I adore you…

Birthday Song #21

Fresh love boils over as energized bliss

Skyrockets off a glance, a touch, a kiss

Knows no bounds, no limits, no end

Feels the companion, the lover, the friend.
Mature love grows as sustainable bliss

Nurtures each glance, touch, and kiss

Cultivates expansion, depth, and height

Develops trust as an inner sight
You and I kiss in the knowledge of forever

Birthday Song #20

We Love
We talk

Conversations as easy as cool lemonade on an August day

We smile

Laughter as real and life-giving as the air we breathe

We love

Warm and gentle and kind as the most magnificent of dreams

Life is funny that way

We live wacky crazy lives and too often miss the important stuff

You and me, we love – how sweet it is!