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M&M PicHello Poetry in Black and White folk! Beginning tomorrow, you will read a total of 31 Birthday Canticles I’ve written for Michele delivered on each day. This is one section of a three section approach to My Lady’s birthday. Michele likes to celebrate each day of her birth month. This is such a wonderful idea, I used a good portion of my Nanowrimo word count in December composing these canticles. Each poem had to meet my standard of passion and love, so some did not make the cut. The challenge of writing 31 heartfelt poems in a short period of time has been interesting. I loved every second of the writing, and I love every second I spend with this amazing woman.

The second section of the birthday celebration is to find a way to give a gift each day of the month. These gifts need not be purchased. In fact, my belief is that the finest gifts are given of oneself. Many of the gifts will be “acts of service” while others will be actual gifts. Should anyone be interested in what gift Michele received on any given day, feel free to comment and ask! LOL! That’s one way to hold myself accountable!

I hope you enjoy the writing. I know I have. Truth be told, I still have a few to write. That’s ok, because I refuse to write anything forced. That is not how I write. If I don’t write it from my heart, I don’t write it.

Lastly, I’m convinced everyone has someone in their life who lifts them up, who helps when they’re down, who cheers their victories. Consider doing something for that person in your life today. This is a small thing in regard to time spent.

Your act of kindness, though, may be much more important than you imagine. The simple fact that this person is so giving, so helpful, so encouraging, does not mean they themselves own no problems. I guarantee you they have plenty. Take the time to lift them up, even if it is as simple as fixing the outdoor light in the lamppost out front of their house like I did for Michele just now.

Yes, I began the birthday gifts a day early, but what a nice way to close out a good year, with a kind act of service for someone else. Doesn’t have to be much. Sometimes the smallest of things bring the most joy. Let’s look forward to a year of love, a year of peace, and a year of hope. If everyone did one little thing each day for someone else on a global scale, what a change we would see 366 days from now.

Life is great, too great to be wasted on oneself. Give. Give freely.